The best Federer can with the will of Nadal

The best Federer can with the will of Nadal

The natural law says that Nadal has to beat Federer on the ground and Federer has to beat Nadal on grass. But 11 years ago, in the Wimbledon final of 2008, the Spaniard broke what seemed natural and defeated his great rival on its surface. It is remembered as THE PARTY, the best in history for many, including myths like McEnroe, protagonist with Borg which until that time was considered the most shocking tennis duel ever. Eleven years later, Federer has had a small revenge and restored things to his being. In 2019, Nadal defeated Roger and Federer in the land of Roland Garros won on the lawn of Wimbledon (7-6 (7/3), 1-6, 6-3 and 6-4), although it was the semifinals and if he wants to win his ninth title at the Cathedral, Djokovic is waiting for him on Sunday. The two previous title matches between the two at the All England Club center have been favorable to the Serbian. They expect great emotions …

… As emotion there was yesterday's journey between the two legends. Another great match that the Spaniard fought with everything until the end and only the best version of his great nemesis managed to make him kneel the knee. In a month Federer turns 38, but he is touched to play this sport. He has a gift and yesterday he needed it before the most incisive Nadal. Rafa already goes for the 33 springs and the self-esteem and for the tennis that both show in each tournament brings out the colors of many of the youngsters. Up to five match balls needed the Swiss to raise their arms and say that the victory was theirs. A long backhand of Nadal was the end point. Before the Swiss had had all colors: the service and the rest, but the southpaw of Manacor managed to stay alive, with a service, a "passing" in the race … He sold his defeat Rafa, who again showed great ability to adapt to the grass. It has improved with the passage of the seasons the way to dispute the matches in a surface that does not allow you to speculate: it is created to be aggressive, to go to the attack, however much it is not as it was before and it is not so much ground of gunboats . The service, in spite of everything, is a necessary, essential weapon, and the Spanish responded to the face-to-face of "saquetazos" with the Swiss in the first set. The destination could not be other than the "tie break", Federer territory. He won because he subtracted a little better than Nadal. The evolution of the Swiss is seen there. Neither wanted nor has been able to stagnate. Djokovic and Nadal have overcome and tighten. The Swiss, however good he may be, has also had to do it and his backhand stroke is proof. Elegant has always been, now it is more lethal than ever. Both during the point and in the rest.

When Roger managed to put into play the service of Rafa, he made it deep, at the feet of the Spaniard, with which Rafa lost the initiative. That was the key to the game. That's where the eight-time champion in London took advantage, and then he confirmed it with his own serve, impeccable again. It is not a matter of speed, it is the variety that it has in that first blow: cut, with topspin effect, flat … All executes well. Nevertheless, Nadal's first rebellion came in the second set. Changed the game, the serves were no longer imposed, the break was falling. They both had options, Rafa took advantage of them and Federer took a breath. When he had the part very uphill he gave the impression that he "threw it". You had to save strength for what was left. The duel rose of revolutions and quality. The best moments were coming. The push of the Helvetian and the resistance of Nadal. The precision in the Swiss network and the refusal of his opponent to surrender. Again the good deep remains of the Swiss allowed him to get some breaker ball, but when he went down the final stretch did not finish closing the duel. On another occasion the king of the grass might have been mentally entangled. It has happened many times against Nadal. But now he is more liberated, plays with less pressure and won the chance to try to win Wimbledon again. Rafa took the defeat that at the moment hurts, but this way it can be lost. Nothing can be reproached.

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