Sport Swimming: "Are the Games cursed for me?" Asks Muller

Swimming: "Are the Games cursed for me?" Asks Muller


Yeosu (South Korea) – "Are the Games cursed for me?" Wonders Aurélie Muller, who narrowly failed to qualify for the Open Water Olympics on Sunday in Yeosu ( South Korea), three years after being disqualified and deprived of a silver medal at the 2016 Olympic Games.

The 29-year-old swimmer, 11th to only one tenth of the 10th and final qualifying spot, "can not make a decision today"about the rest of his career and wants to give himself time for reflection.

Q: In what state of mind are you after your non-qualification for the JO-2020?

R: "I am disappointed but I have no regrets because I did my race, I did what I wanted to do, I made choices, I assume them completely. At the same time the choices during the race, I led for three laps, I feasted. And the choices I made in recent years (she trained half less last season to focus on her studies, Ed). In the end, it does not work, I'm not qualified for the Olympics, it's complicated but, again, I have no regrets to have. I knew my strengths and my weaknesses: I knew that I was a little weaker in the sprint, that's why two laps before (the finish), I take the lead, I try to run out of steam. group. I tell myself that if I finish the sprint, there, really, it is sure that I will not succeed. But the girls held and they went back in the last 200 meters. When the girls come back, I have already given a lot. At the end, I miss a tenth. The sprint is really what I missed today (Sunday)."

Q: You brought a claim against another swimmer, the Italian Rachele Bruni. What happened ?

R: "In the channel, I was embarrassed by Bruni (finally 3rd), she really gets on me. Will it be withheld or not? We will see what will happen tomorrow morning (the complaint will be considered on appeal Monday at 8:30, Ed). I miss a tenth … At least we will have tried everything, I will have no regrets."

Q: The results took about 20 minutes to be formalized. How did you handle this long wait?

R: "I already knew that (at the 2016 Olympics, Ed) … I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I see Lara (Grangeon, the other French in the running) who is fourth and I say to myself, if I'm eleventh, it's over. I still have hope of course, there is a photo finish. I tell myself that there is no point in waiting in front of the screen, I will change. Then the decision falls … We watch the video and I say that I was embarrassed."

Q: Between your disqualification in Rio and this Olympic qualification narrowly missed, do you have the impression of being cursed with the Olympics?

R: "I wonder yes … The question is there: are the Games really bad for me? Is not it for me? I do not know. Of course, Rio, you think about it … But that's not the same story at all. There, I did my race. I repeat: I have no regrets."

Q: What does this non-qualification mean for the rest of your career?

R: "Good question. We can not imagine this scenario. I do not know, it's way too early (to say), I just want to finish my week, I hope to finish it better. And after that, it will be necessary to think."

Q: Two days ago, you told us + If I'm not in the top 10 Sunday, it's over, over + …

R: "That's right, I said it two days ago, but today I do not know. I can not make a decision today, it's not possible, I really do not know, I do not want to ask myself this question while I still have the 5 km (Wednesday) relay (Thursday) . We will see at the end of these championships, we will do the debrief of everything that happened, we will think carefully."

Interviewed by Elodie SOINARD


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