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Shortly before the start of the season in the third league, the SpVgg Unterhaching is making an impressive social statement with an inclusion party.

By Andreas Liebmann, Unterhaching

A hip-hop was enough, then Albin Hofmayer pulled on his sprint and none of the SpVgg Unterhaching's defenders could stop him. On the contrary, he left the first, the second came from the side rushed and sat down in the void, the third ran the fourth even over the pile, and Hofmayer was now free from the goalkeeper. He looked. Looked for a long time. And scored the honorary goal quite undisturbed.

This Saturday starts the league for the third division in Kaiserslautern (14 clock), and at the latest with the decision to go public, it is clear that Hachings way should lead upwards as soon as possible. But if they really start the season with a good feeling, what they showed in the local sports park last Sunday? And if it really was a good sign that club boss Manfred Schwabl watched the goings on Sunday with wet eyes and a toilet in his throat? On both questions, the answer should be clear: Yes!

In professional accompaniment: Albin Hofmayer (front, with midfielder Niclas Anspach) goes with the team of the Special Olympics on the field

(Photo: private)

14: 1 ended the duel with the "Stars of the Munich amateur football", a selection specially compiled for this occasion by voting. But that was only marginal. Sunday had not really been under the motto "Haching falls down", it was called "Haching is watching" – under this slogan the club summarizes its social commitment. What he did a few days ago together with the Bavarian Football Association (BFV) in the sports park on the legs, there may have been in this form, perhaps nowhere. An inclusion day that truly deserves this name, because it brought together in one day everything that is possible in football: professionals with amateurs and players with handicaps and fans. Munich's BFV district chairman Bernhard Slawinski estimated that around 1,500 people were in the ranks because the SpVgg Unterhaching had also placed their Fanfest on this inclusion day.

You have to do something to tell the story of this action. At the beginning there was the devastating fire about two and a half years ago, which destroyed large parts of the club building of FC Teutonia Munich, including equipment. A wave of helpfulness seized the Munich football circle at that time, also the SpVgg Unterhaching brought in: They organized the Urduell with a Munich amateur football selection and donated the revenue. 2018 was followed by a second edition, in favor of the family of a suddenly deceased footballer at FC Kosova, and Schwabls offer to use in future the sports park for such actions. And then there were the inclusion teams from 1. SC Gröbenzell and from FC Español Munich, who are regulars whenever Slawinski is planning bigger events in Munich, and the Schwabl, after he had experienced them, without further ado, as warm-up children for the derby between Haching and sixty invited.

Schwabl is visibly touched, Slawinski speaks of the most beautiful day as a BFV official

At some point Schwabl and Slawinski had the idea to bring all this together. For the charity match, they draped games from four inclusion teams – also the Team Bananenflanke and Special Olympics Bayern participated as a co-organizer with teams -, each got a prominent godparents like Benny Lauth or Maximilian Nicu; they played in this stadium for up to 15 000 people; and when they came in, everyone had a Hachinger player by the hand who did what other kids run into. Previously, the club had set up a course in which not only children with and without handicap romped, but also the professionals. "They got it right," said Slawinski, "they were present all day." The proceeds and donations this time went to a native of the region, who had moved to Namibia, where the four-year-old son Mirko fell out of bed while playing and suffered a cerebral infarction. For the expensive therapy, which is possible only in Bavaria, except for the family so far no one comes up.

The SpVgg Unterhaching has committed Steve Kroll, previously the first-choice goalkeeper of the third-division scavenger Sportfreunde Lotte. The 22-year-old (left, next to coach Claus Schromm) signed a one-year contract.

(Photo: oh)

All this had to be organized in the short term, because because of the unexpected relegation danger of Hachinger was not clear until the end of last season, not sure if the longest reserved date could be held at all – as a Haching would have namely namely last weekend league kick-off had. "It was a shivering match," said Slawinski. Thanks to the league whereabouts but the Hachinger could put this day, which would have been ideal for a friendly match, of course, in the service of inclusion. "All the strength and positive energy that football has can be seen here," enthused Slawinski. "Only smiling faces everywhere." This was his best day as a functionary, he assured – and perhaps also exemplary for other professional clubs.

At the game association, this day should become a permanent fixture. The children, who participated in the inclusion games, are already invited to the next Drittligaderby with their parents. The agitated Schwabl announced that in the future of every ticket one euro should go to the foundation "Haching looking" and to the Munich amateur football.

By the way, Albin Hofmayer, athlete and skier, is athlete spokesman for the Special Olympics Bayern. The 30-year-old has Down syndrome. It was Slawinski's spontaneous idea to substitute him for the amateurs shortly before the end, and of course the pros did everything they could to artistically avoid him for the honors. But things went wrong. At the first attempt, Hachings keeper Michael Gurski deflected the ball with an inadvertent reflex, whereupon Schwabl took away his gloves. The second time Hofmayer ran past the gate. The referee thwarted the third attempt – also a reflex. The fourth solo fit. First congratulatory was Markus Schwabl, who had previously so artfully passed. And then everyone came to cheer, to Abklatschen and pressing, Munich amateurs and Hachinger professionals. For Slawinski "the goosebump moment".

Yes! After such a goal you can actually start with a great feeling in a season.

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