Spectacular falls at the CHIO in Aachen

SThe spectators experienced pectacular falls and a home victory on the fourth day of the CHIO in Aachen. At the price of North Rhine-Westphalia won on Friday Daniel Deußer and was enthusiastically celebrated by the audience. The Belgium-based show jumper won after two rounds in the saddle of Killer Queen. "That was a tough show for such a green horse," said Deußer about the success with his nine-year-old mare. The 37-year-old Hesse prevailed in the test endowed with 100,000 euros with the best time before the Belgian Olivier Philippaerts with Cue Channa. The second-best German rider in the NRW Prize was Hendrik Sosath from Lemwerder, who rode with Lady Lordana in ninth place.

But the nearly 20,000 spectators also experienced crashes, for example from Andre Thieme. His mare Crazy Girl refused in front of the moat, moved to the right and fell to the ground. Although the 44-year-old from Plau am See got off lightly in the accident, the horse injured himself. "That looked wild, but went well," said Jan-Hein Swagemakers, the veterinarian of the German rider: The horse had just suffered a "skin injury": "We have stapled."

The fall of Philipp Weishaupt caused no less sensation. During the ride, a part of the bridle from Che Fantastica tore, the 33-year-old jumped in a daring action of the mare and went to the ground. In contrast to Thieme injured the limping Weishaupt, but joked casually: "Now the ass hurts." In the face of the falls said coach Otto Becker: "There's the worm in it."

Very far behind landed after 18 penalty points with Ciao Conni Marler Christian Ahlmann, who had given the previous evening a successful comeback in the German national team. After almost three years break Ahlmann rode again in the team and made his share in a strong catch-up with a flawless ride in the second round. From sixth to second place, the quartet stormed and celebrated almost like a win.

Daniel Deußer was not impressed and won in Aachen.

"Aachen is a dream event, especially the Nations Cup", enthused Ahlmann. The 44-year-old from Marl and Deußer were allowed to ride in the CHIO team again, because they had signed the athlete agreement of the German Olympic Committee for Cavalry (DOKR) after two years break.

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