Spain wins its seventh women's world crown

Spain wins its seventh women's world crown

The Spanish women's hockey team was proclaimed world champion on Sunday for the seventh time in its history after beating Argentina in a spectacular final with thirteen goals (5-8), in a match played at the Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona, ​​in the of the World Roller Games (WRG).

Both teams deployed during the 50 minutes of the game a high level hockey, aggressive, vertical and with constant attacks to the two areas, which allowed to see many alternatives in the game and control of the game, with great physical wear of the best players of this sport in the world.


Anabella Flores, Daiana Silva, Adriana Gutiérrez, Luciana Agudo (3) and Lorena Correa (1). They also played Valentina Fernández, Adriana Soto (1), Julieta Fernández and Pamela Burgoa


Laura Vicente, Laura Puigdueta (1), Berta Busquets (2), Anna Casarramona and Marta Piquero (2). They also played Sara Lolo (1), Aina Florensa, María Díez and María Sanjurjo (2).


0-1, min. 4: Berta Busquets. 1-1, min. 9: Luciana Agudo. 1-2, min. 9: Marta Piquero. 2-2, min. 18: Luciana Agudo. 2-3, min. 22: Laura Puigdueta. 3-3, min. 29: Lorena Correa. 3-4, min. 30: Berta Busquets. 3-5, min. 32: Marta Piquero. 4-5, min. 35: Luciana Agudo. 4-6, min. 36: Sara Lolo. 5-6, min. 36: Adriana Soto. 5-7, min. 45: María Sanjurjo, of direct fault. 5-8, min. 49: María Sanjurjo.


Joaquim Pinto and José Pinto (Portugal).


Encounter corresponding to the final of the World Roller Hockey Championship held at the Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona, ​​in front of 2,500 spectators.

Spain managed to always stay ahead in the match, but Argentina came to tie up on three occasions, coming to rest with a shy advantage of «the Red» by 2-3, but that was answered immediately by the albicelestes shortly after the interval .

With Luciana Agudo as best player on the track by the Argentines, author of three goals, and with Laura Puigdueta with an excellent driving game in Spain, the second part was a show, until both teams were filled with fouls and came to the ninth, so the final could be decided to stop ball.

And so it was, with the Galician María Sanjurjo, that Ricardo Ares took to the track for the first time in the whole game only to execute, with precision, the direct lack product of the tenth foul of the Argentines, goal that was decisive for the victory final.

Spain thus achieves the gold medal of the WRG of Barcelona, ​​revalidating the title that it already achieved in the first edition of the games in Naijing (China) in 2017, and that it will try to repeat in 2021 in San Juan (Argentina).

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