Spain crushes Russia to the semifinals to confirm his power

Ndour exhibition. The selection secures the ticket to the Pre-Olympic.

Gil and Palau fight for the rebound before two Russian players.

They were not going to lower their arms now, although in front, again, they threatened giants. The hunger of this historical group was not going to be satisfied, that does not descend from the crest of its own wave, the permanent amazement. Spain returned to take its wildest side at the decisive moment and fight for the medals at the Eurobasket (on Saturday, against the winner of Serbia – Sweden), as it has done in eight of the last nine.Tears Russia to quarters, based on energy, enthusiasm and concentration, and, incidentally, secured the ticket for the Pre-Olympic (February 2020). (75-54: Narration and statistics)

Finally, it turned out to be an exhibition. One more of this unique journey. This time the quarterfinal match was not solved with a heroicity on the horn, nor with a comeback of courage. It was an exercise of determination, of mastery of each corner of the stage, of experience and pride. Before that Russia that was once the queen and that struggles to return with its young talents,Spain confirmed its hegemony.

The selection looked at its own complexes to the face and made them aicos. One by one. If he is suffering from his outside mistake, he left it aside to throw from the middle distance with ease, what does it matter if he stepped on the triple line or not. To fine-tune your offensive circulation(20 assists). If the Russian centimeters are expected to have a headache and the rebound the key, every basketball under basket made Spain a treasure and the offensive rejects (22), who talk so much about attitude, were its spring. If Vadeeva looked like a demon, diminuta qued (six points in total, none in the second part) before the momentum of the girls of Mondelo.

Spain was a constant lesson andAstou Ndour his machete (24 points, personal butt as international, and 12 rebounds). I did not leave a gap to the doubt, from the very dawn. Sums seven consecutive tournaments overcoming this barrier of quarters, so it was not going to catch him by surprise the Rubicn, that where all the previous thing is abandoned, that first phase in Riga that, despite the triumphs, was not so pleasant.

Pressure on every track and every zone since the beginning, as a declaration of intentions. Constant help when the ball reached the Russian giants, desperate in the face of such aggression, before the Spanish hands that appear everywhere.A triple by Silvia Domnguez (15-7)It was the first warning. Russia rose from the canvas (19-16), but it was going to be the last time I had options.

Soon the roller returned, which was born in a manual defense and took air with the rebound (48-35). The intangibles of Laura Gil, the opportune baskets of Xargay, the ease of Ndour,the infinite energy of Anna Cruz(7 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists) … At the return of the rest the overwhelming dominance was confirmed (58-36), although at the top, with the triumph already within a hand span, a small collapse was detected, resolved quickly.

He did not even give Russia time to believe. Only the scare in the form of injury in the ankle ofLaura NichollsI messed up a memorable match, which confirms the validity of Lucas Mondelo's group.

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