News Score open British Tiger Woods, live updates

Score open British Tiger Woods, live updates


More trouble for Tiger Woods. (Peter Morrison)

Tiger Woods could not get anything at the first round on Thursday in Royal Portrush and he seemed to resign, saying “I must fight through” and that “the way he is and just as It's not the chance that he'll come back from his first promising 78th round, but the conditions are much lighter than Thursday so maybe he'll help you.

Check out the full leader board here.

We will track Woods's progress on a hole-to-hole basis and go through the first round Thursday at Royal Portrush. Tee times for the rest of the park are available here.

Poll 10 (par 4, 443 yards)

Another good shot and another strong approach offers another opportunity for Woods at poultry, about 15 feet, and is able to convert the lucky nice to the big gallery that is on hand.

Result: fowl

Score of competitions: 5 above par

Elsewhere: J. Holmes is not about to return his lead. Shortly after Tommy Fleetwood tied it to No. 18 to connect Holmes to the leader board, the American journalist added No. 12 to death.

Poll 9 (par 4, 432 yards)

Woods' approach is quite good at this time, to about 10 feet, but the birds plunge lungs to the right of the hole. Another person missed the opportunity. With nine holes left, Woods will need a miracle to make the cut.

Result: par

Score of competitions: 6 more than par.

Elsewhere: When poultry is at the final hole, Tommy Fleetwood moved into a share of the lead with J.B. Holmes at 7 under par for the competition. The English shot 4-67 years old in the second round.

Poll 8 (par 4, 428 yards)

For the second straight pit, it is a great shot and afterwards there is an unhappy approach on the left, with Woods's ball rowing down roughly on the left hand side of the lock. His chip is solid, and it is another par. However, holes run out of holes, especially holes where the bird is accessible. With the cut at 1 above par, there won't be enough pars.

Result: par

Score of competitions: 6 more than par.

Poll 7 (par 5, 592 yards)

Maybe a little pep in his step after the birdie at No. 6, Woods released his strongest swing in the competition and put his shot into a wonderful part of the way in the easiest hole. But his approach was botched, and as a result there was a ball into the gallery on the left and a light audible morbidity from Tiger. With his ball roughly stuck, Woods couldn't try to get the green grass, and his putt was from the edge – which had to overcome two separate backs – eight short legs. The par-save effort went over the hole, and it is interfering with a hole that was there to build it.

Result: bogey

Score of competitions: 6 more than par

Elsewhere: J.B. has one-stroke commander. Holmes on Tommy Fleetwood, Jordan Spieth and Cameron Smith (the last two golfers 5 per cent for the day).

Poll 6 (par 3, 189 yards)

The first round of Woods went on heavily at No. 6 on Thursday, which greatly contributed to the leader board. In his second crack at the hole on Friday, his fire shot the green but he wasn't very close to the hole, but he was able to put the bomb from left to sink on the second bird of the day.

Result: fowl

Score of competitions: 5 above par

Poll 5 (par 4, 374 yards)

Woods troubles started Thursday with a bogey at this short stage 4, which is accessible from the tee. Going with the driver, Woods gave his driver a ride, but he gave him the green green and right, which added to a hard chip and eventually to the advantage of 15 for poultry, which had a good speed but not sufficient speed. Opportunity is missed by one of the easiest holes for the course.

Result: par

Score of competitions: 6 more than par

Elsewhere: Playing a grand final at 60 years of age, 1996 British Open champion, Tom Lehman, got very popular when he finished his last big show round.

Poll 4 (Par 4, 474 yards)

Woods gave a fine shot and strong approach 18 feet on a birdie, but there was too much speed at his putt and skating it over the hole.

Result: par

Score of competitions: 6 more than par

Elsewhere: Englishman Tommy Fleetwood has joined the crowd behind leader J.B. Holmes. It's tied to Jordan Spieth at 5 under par for the competition, well for third place at the moment.

Poll 3 (Par 3, 172 yards)

Woods shot the lock but a long poultry putt could not get the hole.

Result: par

Score of competitions: 6 more than par

Elsewhere: J.B. Holmes played strongly with three birds through six holes. At 8 under the pitch for the competition, he is now going up with Tyrrell Hatton and three ahead of Jordan Spieth, who added to No.

Poll 2 (par 5, 556 yards)

The second hole was the easiest hole on Thursday and Friday was playing a bit harder with a pin placement on the left left of the lock, dropping left on the left. And that's as Woods put his approach, left the lock downhill. Taking off the green for an eagle, Woods didn't get enough of it and almost saw his ball rolling back down to his feet. His poultry went five feet over the hole, but he saved the par. It must be disappointing, however.

Result: par

Score of competitions: 6 more than par

Elsewhere: 2017 British Open Champion Jordan Spieth is taking up a Royal Portrush, a poultry at No. 8 at the launch of the second person behind J.B. Holmes (who are 2 by day after five holes). Spieth played his last four holes at 5 under par.

Poll 1 (par 4, 421 yards)

A copy of Thursday's opening shot was Woods, Friday: left of the entrance into the rough, two steps from borders. But he got a nice lie and sent him to the lawn for a poultry chance at least, which he put into him from about 30 feet. What a start.

Currently, the cut line (the 70 and the highest ties) is seated at 1 more than par.

Result: fowl

Score of competitions: 6 more than par

Elsewhere: The Tyrrell Hatton connections scientist (2 about three holes, 5 under, one behind the leader JB Holmes) and Erik van Rooyen of South Africa (3 under 10 to enter the package under 4). Jordan Spieth 4 is about to start 5 for the competition after this eagle at No. 7:

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