Schalke 04 and Nübel: Arrangement for three goalkeepers - Sport

Schalke 04 and Nübel: Arrangement for three goalkeepers - Sport
  • At FC Schalke there will be a complex goalie arrangement next season.
  • Alexander Nübel is number one, but is only tied until 2020 and coveted by top clubs.
  • Goalkeeper-veteran Ralf Fährmann is awarded to England and as a substitute for Nübel comes the talent Markus Schubert.

By Philipp Selldorf, Gelsenkirchen

When Alexander Nübel made his debut as a new first-choice goalkeeper at Schalke in January, it was also a holiday for his parents. However, they did not celebrate in the Blue Salon, the ballroom of the arena, but at home in Paderborn. And they did not celebrate the career jump of their son, but at a party the 60th birthday of a friend. Mr. and Mrs. Nübel are indeed connected to their son in all desirable parental love – with football but they have nothing to do. Wherever the 22-year-old goalkeeper has his talent and his extraordinary ball feeling: It does not come from his next ancestor.

Even earlier, my confidant, can be explained by his parents, why understands Alexander Nübel still in the middle of the noisy battle of a Bundesliga or European Cup match this seemingly untouchable, always rationally controlled peace. He never felt the need for career pressure and the ever-present concern of footballing parents. That has marked him, it is said, and that may now also benefit his club, when the 22-year-old in the family makes the fundamental decision on how and where he wants to continue his footballer career.

U-21 European Championship One for the

One for the "Big Saves"

Alexander Nübel was a field player up to the age of 14 and never a national player in his youth. Now the goalkeeper stands out at the U21 and shows that he is capable of special performances even after mistakes.By Sebastian Fischer

Nübels contract expires next summer, Schalke would like to continue the commitment and is making every effort to do so. What is urgently needed: The other day at the U21 European Championship Nübel has been voted the best goalkeeper of the tournament, but the interested parties from home and abroad had been in large numbers before long ago.

Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona and Bayern are to be interested in Nübel

Nearly a dozen applicants are now reported to their advisers. This is not a selection of relegation candidates and middle class clubs. Nübel has, among other things, aroused the curiosity of clubs such as Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​and a certain FC Bayern is apparently also of the party. And although these clubs currently have no casting worries in the gate, the sound of their names is almost seduction enough.

The adored would "make a rational decision," says his advisor Stefan Backs. Currently, Nübel is still in the national team holiday, on July 16, he resumes training in Gelsenkirchen. Not unlikely that he then made a decision. It is expected that he will either extend the contract with Schalke on a long-term basis (including salary increase, bonus payment and presumably opt-out clause) or enter the last contract year and then enjoy all strategic and market-related freedoms by 2020. The fact that this summer a club commits him to a replacement appears as the least likely option.

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