says that 6-1 with Barcelona at PSG is his best memory as a footballer

says that 6-1 with Barcelona at PSG is his best memory as a footballer


The Neym soapar Keep kicking and cute. The Brazilian, a mine of incumbents and explosive events that make him always in the first line of public exposure, again left phrases that further feed the media boiler around his signing.

Asked by what is his best memory about a football field Neymar, a player who has won the Champions League, in other titles, he pulled from memory to remember Barcelona, ​​the team for which he now sighs. «The best memory? I do not know … I think when we beat PSG with Barcelona. In the locker room they were all crazy with contentment. I think it was the best feeling for everyone, "said the player.

In this way, the Brazilian, who does not cut the least, took to the fore one of the most painful episodes in the history of his current club, the Paris Saint-Germain, without caring about the consequences that could have on a hobby that begins to be tired of the departures of tone of its star.

«The feeling when we scored the sixth goal … I have never experienced anything like it», Insisted Neymar. That day, the one of Mogi das Cruzes made a double and gave the decisive assistance so that Sergi Roberto wrote down the sixth goal of a historical 6-1 with which the azulgrana entity overcame the 4-0 that the Parisians had achieved in the disputed match in the French capital.

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