News Russell Westbrook is traded to Rocket as N.B.A. The...

Russell Westbrook is traded to Rocket as N.B.A. The Season continues


The Oklahoma City Thunder column finally traded their N.B.A 2012. finals by agreement on Thursday night will be reunited by Russell Westbrook and James Harden as Houston Rockets staff.

In the latest transaction on N.B.A wild wild. Outside the season, Houston made four high-quality asset exchanges and the old All-Star guard Chris Paul for Westbrook, who was playing with Harden for three seasons in Oklahoma City.

“We're very excited about Russell Westbrook,” said Tilman Fertitta, rocket owner, with Fox 26 in Houston. “I want to watch him playing for Oklahoma City, and he's so athletic. At the same time, this franchise had only two years to hold the largest ever in successive years, and we would not do this by Chris Paul. ”

Houston and Miami seem to be the most likely trading destinations Westbrook After Oklahoma City the All-Star dance man, Paul George, was traded to Los Angeles Clippers last Friday. But Westbrook prefers the rockets and Harden it pushed for it to happen, according to one person who was informed of the situation but was not authorized to discuss it in public.

It was widely questioned that Harden and Paul had the ability to get effective pairing when the rockets got Paul before the 2017-18 season, and suspicions about Harden-Westbrook's reunification are likely to be even higher, because of what Gardaí like to do. operate with the ball in his hands. It seems, however, that Harden is convinced that rocket management exists that he and his former Thunder team can share the ball and the shot load sufficiently to restore partnership work.

“I think it will be very interesting and fun,” said Fertitta with Fox 26. “James and Russell wanted to play together.” T

Harden was often applied as a sixth man and the ball was not nearly as large in Oklahoma City during his seven seasons in Houston. His third choice – behind Westbrook and Kevin Durant – was the best in the history of the franchise. The three players went on to win the most valuable Player Award – Durant and Westbrook in the Oklahoma City season, Harden in Houston – but Thunder stays searching for their first championship.

The total trade, as declared by two persons with knowledge of the deal, shall t send the first pieces of Houston's round in 2024 and 2026 to Thunder, who will have the rights to swap rounds with the rockets in 2021 and 2025. ESPN initially reported that the teams reached a trade agreement.

By virtue of three crafts at Thunder – especially the George deal – eight pick first rounds have been received by the team since June 20, the day of the draft, and they fully accepted a first reconstruction project since the franchise moved to Oklahoma City From Seattle in the summer of 2008, the Thunder can also use some of their new draft packets as a sweetener in follow-up trade that may exist for Paul's movement.

Paul had previously played for a team in Oklahoma City, when Hurricane Katrina Pelicans refused New Orleans (formerly known as the Hornets) and Paul won Rookie honor of the Year in the 2005-06 season. However, it remains to be seen that Paul, 34, will accept this trade as the Thunder is unlikely to be a title controversy over the remaining three years of his contract (valued at nearly $ 125 million).

The rockets spent much of June saying that Harden and Paul wanted to play together after the end of the second round of playing Rockets ® at the Golden State Warriors. Building on the reported tension, talks on contract extension between the Rocket front office and Coach Mike D'Antoni have broken many times since the end of the team season, leaving D'Antoni for one year on a contract entering the next season.

“I said at the end of the year that we won't always stand,” Fertitta said in his television interview. “We always want to improve. I think this is a better team. I hate to lose Chris Paul, but we felt like we did what we had to do to become a better team. ”

As Harden and Westbrook played together in 2011-12, they are both successful. Harden, who is now 29, was named M.V.P. in 2018 and he was five top collectors in the voting town of the award four more times. Westbrook, 30, won M.V.P. honors in 2017 and doubled in each of the last three seasons – something that had no player from Oscar Robertson in 1961-62.

The Rockets hope to restore the partnership and hope to win a championship finally after the Warriors descendants have been part of the West Congress. Houston was removed from the playoffs at Golden State in four of the final five seasons. However, Houston is most likely to pay $ 47 million to Westbrook in the final season of its current contract – 2022-23.

Westbrook departure from Oklahoma City means that six of the 15 players earned each person N.B.A. teams have honors for their plays in 2018-19 from Toronto suffered the Golden State in N.B.A. finals.


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