News Rory McIlroy emerged from Ireland

Rory McIlroy emerged from Ireland


PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland – Rory McIlroy should be respected as one of the greatest ambassadors in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is, after all, after the main production champion.

Instead, McIlroy spent 30 years of some of his adult life wrongly trapped in the middle of the political war between the two, and it is a great demand for each of them to claim for himself.

As her brighter star and her raised profile declined until he got four major under 25 years of age, life was complicated at times for McIlroy, who joined the British Open this week as head The Royal Portrush, which is about 60 miles to the north where it grew up in Holywood, is a seaside town in Northern Ireland just outside Belfast.

Suddenly, the world around him wanted to get to know McIlroy's loyalty: Northern Ireland or Ireland?

McIlroy, in his mind, wants to be clear from the political and religious differences between Northern Ireland, where he grew up, and the Republic of Ireland, in which he participated and was often represented as a youth golfer.

This all emerged in particular in 2016 before the Olympics in Brazil, where golf was an Olympic sport, with people who would like to know whether McIlroy was to represent Ireland or the UK as a country. in Northern Ireland.

Of course, McIlroy did not have any part of the question and, mentioning Zika virus threat, he did not play.

The next Olympic Games will take place next year in Japan and McIlroy intends to play and has announced his intention to represent Ireland, which is part of Northern Ireland.

“I think personally that I need to do a lot of thought and type [ask],‘ Is this important to me? Why do I want to play it? Who wants to represent me? McIlroy said on Wednesday evening to the British Open at Portrush, a game of golf at the top of Northern Ireland. “At the beginning, when I am thinking about playing the Olympic Games, I think I let the opinions of others from me weigh that decision. And at the end of the day, my decision is. I can't satisfy everyone. No one means that I care about who I play, who I stand for. I don't care about it. ''

His Olympic loyalty has been set aside, McIlroy is so enthusiastic about ending his five-year drought unprecedented this week as he hopes that this Open at Portrush will be a unified symbol for those in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

“The sport has an incredible ability to bring people together,” said McIlroy. “We all know that this country sometimes needs. This can be done. This is the biggest impact of this competition outside of sport, outside of everything else – the fact that people are coming here to enjoy it and that they have forgotten all the time and kind of everything else. .

“So I think no matter what happens this week, if I hit or hit another, the Open Open in this country is a big thing for golf. And I think it will be a huge thing for the country.

As the British Open is being staged at Portrush for the first time since 1951, McIlroy said, “I think it means people are moving on.

“It's a different time. It is a very successful place. I am very lucky to have grown up just outside Belfast and have never seen anything. ''

The 'thing' is an episode in which McIlroy referred to the often violent political unrest called “the Troubles”.

“I remember that I looked at a film a few years ago, there was only a film; [and was] a British soldier who is based at Palace Barracks in Holywood. Basically it follows it at night 's Troubles; and that's all, 'he said. “I remember my mother and my father asking,‘ Is this really the case?

“It's a great idea to spend 40 years on this wonderful place, no-one is looking after themselves, where they are, what background they are from, but you can have a great life and no matter what it is. which side of the street you come from. I think I am talking about the legacy [s] of these competitions, to be able to get this competition here again.

“I think the size of the country and the place where the people who live here are now present. It is last so far. And that's a great thing. # 39;


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