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Retreat as Bayern president ?: It's time to leave, Uli Hoeneß – Sport


Maybe he really means it seriously. Yes, maybe Uli Hoeneß really does not want to run for president of FC Bayern anymore. The "Bild" newspaper wants to have learned that the eternal Hoeneß does not want to compete at the upcoming members' meeting in November for (re) election. In addition, he should plan to give up his supervisory board post. The Bavarians without Hoeness? Is that possible?

All football fans younger than 40 – and of whom there are some in this country – have not met the permanent mayor from Munich without a Uli Hoeneß in leadership positions. This speaks for his success in an industry that has become so fast-paced that you can barely remember the faces of the clubs these days. And in fact: 20 championship titles, eleven cup wins, two successes in the Champions League as manager and president of FC Bayern – this is Hoeneß imitate so fast no one can imitate him so fast. No question, Uli Hoeness has made Bayern as big as they are now. You will have to be eternally grateful to him. But that can not be the reason to keep it forever.

Uli Hoeness, the longer he officiated, more and more under the suspicion of a certain complacency, perhaps even self-glaring. Maybe that's even understandable if you lead a club so long unassailable. In recent years, however, he has done amazingly much to maintain his image as the greatest football president of all time and to destroy his once-outstanding reputation.

A jail for tax evasion? Well, Uli Hoeneß returned irreproachably to his Bavarian family. Public hatreds against deserving internationals? Not bad. Ausraster at press conferences? No problem for Bayern. Hoeness has long since become a problem for Bayern. He has not been as confident for a long time as he used to. This was not least in the coaching staff Niko Kovac experience as he was plodding around.

And even now he does not manage to make his club attractive enough for the best players in the world. The fact that the Bavarian self-image seems to be lost a bit, is also due to the President. One may wish the club that it is not just coquetry again, but that this time Uli Hoeneß is really serious about his withdrawal. The Bavarians without Hoeness? Is that possible? It's time.


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