Red Sox Red 2018 was desperate; the 2019 team only know

Can Nathan Eovaldi the Red Sox be saved again? (Jeff Chiu / AP)

In some of their most difficult events last October, the Boston Red Sox, a team that did not relieve season until then, turned to Nathan Eovaldi. Each time, he saved them – more than ever in game 3 of the world series, when he gave six reliefs one day on one day, in a marathon that was 18 years old and was like the t The emotional team had won the winning series over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For all practical purposes, October 2019 is now before October. Unlike the 108-win version of 2018, which was never immersed under six games after 31 July, these Red Soxs did not despair about six games after 31 July. At 52-44 entering Thursday, they have 9 ½ games behind the first place of Yankees New York in the East and three games from a wild card, and they show little sign of constant pressure.

And again, they are asking Eovaldi, their usual right air, to rescue them. But this time, the level of difficulty is much higher.

Eovaldi, who started trading but relieves it when he claims it, is expected to go back to the Red Sox this weekend for a three-match series against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards after he three months earlier to lose an angle and injuries injuries. And it will do so because the Red Sox has a closer primary school – its mission to stabilize hard disturbances (20 saws, 18 safety saws) that are not yet emerging from the free agent protection of late strikes. 2018 Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly.

Eovaldi's result comes just as the Red Sox is preparing to face the most critical stretch of his season so far – perhaps the latest opportunity they have to move. After the very sad Baltimore league against the Orioles, they face 14 direct matches against the Yankees and Tamys Bay Rays – the two teams ahead of them in AL East – and the closing date for trading in July 31. towards the end of that stretch.

As the high promises – as well as the concept of last year's magic – the Red Sox, in one 48-hour episode this week, would be stressed this week, three of the 2018 key contributors were successful. Assign, which designates the popular infecter assignment Eduardo Núñez and Ryan Brasier (star in 2018) and Hector Velázquez to AAA Class. None were able to produce 2018 to replicate this season.

“You have to make adjustments,” said Manager Alex Cora to explain the movements. “We made adjustments last year, and we will be this year. We're at the stage now – I'm saying it during the year: we need to get better… (The players) understand where we are and what we are trying to achieve. If he sends a message, maybe you never know. Is it urgent? Does it explode? I do not know. I think we understand that we are trying to put the best (combined) roster, and this is part of it. ”

If the Red Sox packing on all those who failed their 2019 output to meet in 2018, they would have a semi-empty clubhouse.

The right field is Mookie Betts, the MV MV AL8 2018, less than 200 OPS points (on the plus plus slugging) from last year, and has reduced 150 points by a named hitter. Steve Pearce, MVP World Series last year, has met with .1.80 with OPS when he managed to turn the field. Lefty Ace There is a record and sport at 3- Sale at E Sale (4.27) and that is twice its 2018 figure. Rick Porcello has an ERA of 5.27, who is right, with the 73th position out of 76 qualified qualified technician. in the stewards. These recessions have advanced the significant progress made by players such as the short-legged Xander Bogaerts, the catcher Christian Vazquez and the third baseman Rafael Devers.

“We are still (close) with a wild card, which still stands well,” said Martinez. “We didn't get hot yet. We go on one of our hot climbers as we did last year, and we are right there. You go to the last few months, now fatigue begins to come in, and I think the team of archaeologists know what to do in those cases. "

The emerging presence of the trade deadline – towards the end of the critical stretch of intradivisional games – brings a lever into the Red Sox to change their seasons into any number of directions.

While it is likely that they would not be able to trade a person such as Betts, a free agent at the end of 2020, Red Sox fans may recall that, under similar circumstances, the 2004 team had made the terrible move away from trade. Nomar Garciaparra superstar on July 31, his move paid off when the Red Sox won the first World Series title in the franchise in 86 years.

But even if it seems, the Red Sox seems to be catching all their big pieces at the trade deadline, and maybe even one or more can be added, it's time for the group to win. World Series less than nine months ago. Martinez has opted for his $ 110 million five-year contract, signed in February 2018, allowing him to leave and test a free agency this winter. If he did it, it could come with Porcello, Pearce, the second baseman Brock Holt and the first baseman Mitch Moreland as free agents.

After losing two out of three matches to the Dodgers at Fenway Park last weekend, the Red Sox fell to 18-27 this season against the opposition which had records of .500 or better – a negative statistic. which suggests a smaller team, not set up to win winners over the bottom add-ons. (The Yankees, in contrast, are 25-16 against a .500-or-better contest, and the Dodgers 29-21.)

There is no going with Eovaldi to fix what the Red Sox does, but stretch 10-4 in those 14 games against the Cuckoo and the Characteristics. The Red Red Sox 2018 didn't know there was a lot of despair, but the Red Red Sox 2019 will not know anything else, as long as its season is still alive.

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