News Rain of medals for the Gimnstic Jump

Rain of medals for the Gimnstic Jump


Last May, the Salt Gimnàstic Club celebrated its 40th anniversary. An age of which few organizations can boast and a life filled with successes that, from the club, want to continue. As ambition will not stay. Even though the celebration season is under way, the screens of the Municipal Hall of Salt are filled with awards and recognitions day by day. The latest achievements are the approximately 40 medals achieved in the Spanish Base and Olympic Championship championships held last weekend in Valencia.

«Last season we already rubbed the quarantine. This year we did not plan to get so many. Our expectations have been overcome, "notes the technical director Montse Hugas. And there were several factors that presumed that the booty would be lower than last season: "We got together several things. First of all, we brought some junior gymnasts that came from elbow injuries. And second, in the male category, the large number of participants increased considerably compared to last year, making the level higher. " But to that, he added an unforeseen event that, in principle, upsetting the plans of the Girona club.

And it is that Nora Fernández, one of the best gymnasts in the history of the club, injured his knee on the first device. «We were waiting for the worst. We thought we had broken weights, "Hugas points out. The young Girona has several edema in the internal meniscus, tibia, femur and a break in the internal part of the legged cruciate of the right knee. Everything suggests that it will be terminated for two to three months. "The goal is to be able to participate in the next worlds," explains the gymnast. Championships to be held in the German city of Stuttgart in October. Despite the injury, the team formed by gymnastics Laura Bechdejú, Marina González, Sara Coll and Nora Fernandez obtained the title in category Via Olimpica 9-10 making a score of 150,234 points and overtaking the Balearic team Xelska and the Catalan Egiba who finished second and third, respectively.

A season full of success

The thing is not here. Within the nearly 40 medals obtained in Valencia, the gold of the gymnast Pau Jiménez in the Olympic category 9 stands out. But Montse Hugas goes beyond the results and wants to emphasize the work done by the male team. "We brought a junior team because they competed in the category Via Olimpica 9-10 absolute and finished in sixth position. We are very pleased with the work they did ", emphasizes the technical director.

In addition to all the successes achieved this weekend, the Salt Gimnàstic Club has won the end of the second edition of the Iberdrola League, despite the bad start. "We went from less to more," explains Montse. However, the team formed by Laura Bechdejú, Gina Zao Bou, Sara Coll, Nora Fernández, Bonnie Godino, Marina González and Laura Mora scored a score of 195,534 points to climb to the highest step of the podium.



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