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It must have been beautiful memories, evenings of popular festivals, moments of fraternization between strangers united around a common passion and the same coat of arms. It must have been the glorious hours of France or one of its cities, which all the others then observed with a touch of jealousy. But these moments of rare collective joys turned into dramas, because of organized violent actions or serious accidents deplored. These holidays will remain, for eternity, in the memories as defeats citizens. Back on three uncontrolled events in recent years.

The evening of May 13, 2013: the title party spoiled for PSG

If the essence of the life of supporter is disappointment, the fans of Paris Saint-Germain have experienced, at the beginning of the 21st century, the most profound manifestations. The 2012-2013 season is that of redemption. Nineteen years after the last, PSG wins the third title of champion of France in its history and becomes the capital of French football. Nearly 15,000 people gathered at Place du Trocadéro to celebrate the heroes and see the trophy. However, it is a new disappointment that are preparing to live the Parisians.

"This day was to be a party for Paris, for the club, for our supporters and our partners. It was ruined by a few hundred rioters who have nothing to do with football, " regrets the PSG in a statement. Because, yes, the festivities, so much awaited, have turned short.

Several incidents enamelled the celebration of the title of the PSG in 2013. (B. Papon / The Team)

Everything had to be great for the first title of champion since the acquisition of the club by Qatar. The route of the players in the capital was drawn with a passage in front of the Eiffel Tower, for the symbol, and a celebration on the place of Trocadero, as a place of popular celebration. It is there that the most serious incidents will take place.

In the early evening, thugs come on the scene. Rapid and organized, the disruptive sow panic, and some supporters, intoxicated, let themselves be carried away by the movement. The police forces are outdated. The toll is heavy, thirty wounded, including a policeman and two policemen, cars burned, broken windows and several people in shock.


The number of CRS mobilized to ensure security during the festivities. "Insufficient device" will deplore the Alliance police union.

The ultras, banned from the Parc des Princes by the club's new policy, seize the event to express their anger and overwhelm the security system. After launching projectiles and smoke on the CRS, they deploy a banner claiming their return in the turns of the Parc des Princes.

Just like the course of the procession, the actions of the ultras were prepared. During the afternoon, the future disrupters arrive by metro or RER and mingle with the fans who came to celebrate the title. Around 18 hours, they begin their action. Faced with the violence of the clashes, PSG players will only stay a few minutes on the podium and return to the Parc des Princes to protect themselves. The party is canceled, as the cruise of the players on the Seine.

The previous night, excesses had already erupted after the victory of PSG Lyon (1-0), synonymous with first place assured. They had led 21 arrests, 3 police custody and 16 wounded among the police. As a foretaste of the excesses of the next day.

The afternoon of June 11, 2016: the hooligans in the heart of Marseille

Euro 2016, which takes place in France, is the festival of European nations. All the colors invade the streets and beaches of the Hexagon, giving rise to meetings and sharing that are the beauty of football.

But on June 11, on the sidelines of the match England-Russia (1-1), violent brawls broke out between the supporters of each country in downtown Marseille, where, during the 1998 World Cup, clashes on the sidelines England-Tunisia had made about fifty wounded. While the European championship has started well in terms of security, the suddenness and violence of the clashes between English and Russians surprise the police.

After violent clashes in the streets of Marseille between supporters, the match England-Russia gave rise to excesses at the Vélodrome. (R. Martin / The Team)

The record is heavy: 35 wounded, including an Englishman placed in an artificial coma after being beaten, and 68 arrests, including 43 Russians. Famous figures of Russian hooliganism claim the premeditation of the clashes. More than 150 of them, highly trained, are involved but they escape the police, unlike many English, two of whom are sentenced to prison close days after the tragedy.

Criticized, the French government takes strong measures, expelling several Russian supporters of the country. On June 16, three Russians, presented as hooligans, were sentenced to 12.18 and 24 months in prison respectively with two years of inadmissibility. This will be the black spot of a successful Euro, just months after the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris.

The evening of July 15, 2018: the coronation of the Blues leaves traces

This is a time that the under-twenty do not know and that they live in turn, in July 2018. France is world champion and the stories of the popular jubilation having followed the title of champion of the world in 1998 at home now have small, those who will remember the title obtained by the Blues in Russia. And if the joys are similar, if the generations are united around the same pleasure, the overflows, too, are out.

The day after the success, nearly 300 people are in custody in all France. The police forces had to cope with the coordinated actions of thugs or disorganized excited supporters on this festive summer Sunday.

The Blues celebrate the second title of their history. (P. Lahalle / The Team)

In Paris, the police use tear gas and water-launching equipment to disperse the disrupters. Fights between bands are increasing and near the Champs-Elysees, it is a serious wounded who is rushed to the hospital.

In the rest of France, two people died in accidents. In Annecy, a man in his fifties kills himself by diving into a channel of too shallow depth, while in the Oise, a man hit a plane tree with his car. In Lorraine, three children were injured by a motorcyclist.

Other incidents, such as a crowd in Lyon, clashes between French and Croatian fans in Ajaccio and damage to police vehicles in Marseille have tarnished the second world title in France.

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