News Plaschke: With the official arrival of Anthony Davis, Lakers...

Plaschke: With the official arrival of Anthony Davis, Lakers is a portrait of peace


Two months ago, could you even imagine?

You are sitting in a folding chair on a basketball court in El Segundo on Saturday, and on stage in front of you is a big smiling jam in jeans, tennis shoes and a sports jacket.

It is his name Anthony Davis, and is officially a Laker.

“It's going to be fun,” he said. “It will certainly be fun.”

Then you look back and stand against a distant wall under a basket, a big man in colorful bars and a bright yellow “Crenshaw” hood. Davis leaves the end of the stage, he goes to this guy, and together they speak with a covered back and mouth.

It is his name LeBron James, and maybe the first time ever since December, it seems he is well pleased.

“When it happened, of course, we were both excited,” said Davis.

Can not imagine, indeed. About two months after a news conference on this exact spot, a team was shown to be in difficulty, on Saturday afternoon, the Lakers had a portrait of peace. In midsummer summer when the emphasis was on everything they wanted, or when they wanted, or could not, they celebrated what they really have.

Instead of harping the things they don't exist, the story line has succeeded instead. And two have two of the top five players in the NBA, with a strong complementary cast, and a hope of a championship.

Once, it was a good day to become a Practitioner.

“A significant event,” said Rob Pelinka, and this time, the general manager was probably hyperprimed.

They finally introduced their newest superstar acquired in a dangerous trade that could affect the future of this franchise.

“What we think about Anthony Davis is: There is no more complete player in the game. There is nothing that cannot be done, ”said Pelinka.

This was the newest superstar, who was treated as a boy when he claimed that trade from New Orleans was in an attempt to regulate his humble, and charming career.

“I just want to win,” he said when asked what kind of players he wanted. ‘'No egos. Guys are just with the team. ”

There were slates back and jokes and a sweater, and none of them felt it was compulsory or desperate or just strange, not like two months ago, when the Lakers held a news conference to announce that they were a mess that officially.

Remember that? It was the third week in May, and Frank Vogel was being introduced as one third choice trainer, who may not be the real coach. Earlier this morning, they were going to exclude Magic Johnson's franchise views on national television. Séamus was there, but never approached Vogel and he was well known in the background.

Back then, Pelinka walked. This time, he stayed mostly on the way, but only to thank 14 different people during open statements who had devastating turns there.

Having thanked owner Jeanie Buss and the business manager Tim Harris, he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket to help him remember others, and then thanked… Magic Johnson?

“Just because of the goal it set for this franchise,” said Pelinka.

Oh, yeah, and Pelinka also thanks to Johnny Buss, a member of the family ownership group. Pelinka said that Johnny invited him to lunch, where they discussed “the Buss family columns.” It is not known whether Johnny explained why he tried to convince his sister of one of these pillars.

Did I write that Saturday wasn't strange? Maybe he was a little strange.

It was still much more stable than two months ago, when Vogel left lost as the front man. This time, he looked at the subject being a kind of funny hip.

When Davis talked about playing with James in the 2012 Olympics when he was 18 years old, he said and said, “I was like the towel man, leaving just towels.”

Vogel insisted in: “I'd say if you were the towel guy, they had abused you. I don't care how old you were. ”

How did Anthony Davis find out he was a Practitioner? Davis was watching a movie when his agent asked him. Twice. It allowed the calls to go directly to voicemail. Then he went to Instagram where he saw the news was breaking.

Also, two months ago, there was a big issue about who actually ran this team. On Saturday, this question was definitively answered. James and Davis with their agent Rich Paul. Listen to Pelinka and talk about how he filled the roster around his two stars.

“He, I and LeBron talked so much, 'Hey, how do we want to optimize that space (cap)? you and LeBron? ”

Davis replied. “It was like every day. On the hour. ”

Remember when Kobe Bryant was not consulted even when the Lakers paid someone as important as a coach? The Lakers are treading on a dangerous territory by putting their franchises into the hands of two players who have their own agenda, but at this point they do not have a strong leadership figure, they have no choice.

There was more reflection on this loud Saturday, and I'm sorry, but you know we must mention it. Davis's only trivial position on his contract was the trivial situation, but Pelinka is speaking as if he had signed a long-term agreement and how they would like to take it around him, “Ten years ago We shall be far away from us.

See, Davis clearly wants to be a Laker, and while I was told Saturday that he didn't want to think beyond this season, something drastic would have to make him to move home, right? Hope the Lakers. Expect that this full year will be a long piece of recruitment.

But, back to the positive things, did you hear Davis' fresh response to the issue of load management?

“I'm playing,” he said. “I'm 26 years old. I love the basketball game. I'm ready to play. ”

And we finish with a story about how he learned that he was traded. He said he went down when he was watching a film on his television in Malibu hotel, noting: “I don't know the name of the hotel. The one just near Nobu. ”

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That is the virtual author of Nobu Ryokan, and, seriously, it must be nice to be as rich as you can pay at least $ 2,000 for a room and you do not remember the name of the hotel. I hope they left the light on you.

Tania Ganguli used the Irish Times to investigate investigative chops to accept Davis' loving hotel entry with the probation question: “What movie? ”

Once again, our newest hero had a stump, taking it honestly: “I don't even remember… like some sailor films, or something like that. I do not know why it was held, but it was good.

Well, it wasn't so good. But to see, sailors film, sailor film …?

For Saturday's beautiful Lakers, we believe that “Ron's Captain”

On one occasion, we don't see the “Perfect Storm.”

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