News Pakistani cricket team receives this unimaginable amount even though...

Pakistani cricket team receives this unimaginable amount even though it is not eligible for the semi-final


Pakistan's cricket team is out of the World Cup after it finished fifth on the point table. Pakistan finished the preparatory phase with 11 points to their credit but could not qualify due to their net run rate. The number four ranked team New Zealand also had 11 points, but they qualified for their superior run-rate.

Pakistani team gets Rs 2.24 crore despite not being eligible for the semi-final. According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), teams receive Rs 28 lakhs for winning a competition, Rs 14 lakhs for an abandoned game and Rs 70 lakhs for playing the competition.

So Pakistan won five games in the preparatory phase and one was abandoned due to rain. 70 lakhs (for competition stage) + 5 × 28 lakhs (for winning five games) + 14 lakhs (for an abandoned game) = 2.24 crore. Pakistan receives Rs 2.24 crore from the ICC.

The champion of the current world championship in England and Wales receives the Rs 28 crore, which is the highest compared to previous World Cups. The runner-up gets Rs 14 crore and the semi-finalists each get Rs 5.5 crore.

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