News Nye: 5 quick solutions for the Toronto Argonauts

Nye: 5 quick solutions for the Toronto Argonauts


If you look up the & # 39; s stat-pages of the Canadian Football League, there is not much that flatters the Toronto Argonauts.

Discipline is good. I should clarify it. The Argonauts do not take many penalties.

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Their gap discipline, inclusion, route, etc., may not be that disciplined and therefore they are at 0-3.

What do they have to do to turn things around? All right, let's see.


With James Wilder Jr. in the attack more could be a key for the Argos (Shannon Vizniowski /

When the Argonauts won the gray cup in 2017, they had the second highest offense. They also had Ricky Ray on quarterback. They no longer have Ray and they are already fighting an injury to their number one, James Franklin.

Help McLeod Bethel-Thompson get a strong run-game going. They had nine transfers to Wilder and Chris Rainey last week in a one-point game vs.. BC.

That's no way to keep a defense fair if you don't threaten it with a run game. If you can control the scrimmage, you can take over a game.

Request an attacking line. They feel much better asked to run the ball than to block it. With the exceptional pass rushers in the CFL, it will not be very good to make the game easier to pin back their ears and go to the quarterback.


Derel Walker has to introduce himself to attacking coordinator Jacques Chapedelaine, it seems. He is fifth in the team in goals.

This can now be in accordance with the above remark about running the ball. You can give the quarterback a little more time with a strong run game and then work in play action. All this extra time will allow the QB to search for the deep pattern that Walker is known for if you can bring him into one-on-one situations.

That is Chapdelaine's task to ensure that the game plan emphasizes the strengths of the capacities of people in interaction.

If Walker does not see the ball, you start to wonder what is going on with the philosophy of attack in Toronto. S.J. Green is another, although he has attacked a group, they just can't connect.


Lemon gets his first bag of the season on Lions QB Mike Reilly (Geoff Robins /

When Corey Chamblin was the last in Toronto, they won the Gray Cup with one of the most stubborn lines of defense in the game. They were constantly pressuring and firing quarterbacks. Yes, the staff is different, but the Argos only came home twice in their first two games. They had an average of almost three bags almost two years ago.

Because they cannot reach the quarterback, the efficiency of opposing QB & # 39; s is high and that will never win many games.

Chamblin must also draw some things or Jim Popp must find an improved passage for this defense to be successful.


All three phases currently fail on the Argonauts.

Only 60% of the field goals have already shown the Argos a change. In comes Tyler Crapigna, who was last seen kicking a large percentage with the Saskatchewan Roughriders before Brett Lauther stole his job, while Crapigna was recovering from surgery.

Field goals is not the only problem.

The points and the kickoffs are not too hot either. The distance of the punters is the lowest, as well as the kickoff. This has allowed opponents to start at the Argonauts 40-yard line. Yes, it is also a matter of how many times the offense has not been able to withstand sustained drive, but the special Argos teams must also be under the microscope as the team tries to improve things.


This applies to everyone in the organization. 0-3 is not favorable and the chances of making the playoffs have not been good when teams start their first month without a win. But the worst thing the team can do is panic.

You try to do too much to make an attack on either offense, defense or special teams and you will miss missions and snowballs are negative.

The Argos were blown out in their first two games of the season, so a loss of one should at least show the team a step in the right direction.

A road trip to Winnipeg may not help to face the undefeated Bombers, but it also gives Toronto the chance to make a statement.


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