Nick Kyrgio's blaster judge and photographer in explosive Wimbledon meltdown | Tennis | Sport

Kyrgios is keen to see judges and line judges receive penalties for incorrect calls – a proposal made at Queen's Club after he was fined a $ 17,500 (£ 13,766) fine for complaining about phone calls.

He blasted the officials during his clash with Australian Jordan Thompson at Wimbledon.

Kyrgios told his opponent to challenge a call after it landed and was called out.

Hawk-Eye overturned the first decision, and Kyrgios lost its toughness.


Walking towards the referee midway through the third set, he exclaimed: "Does he get fines?

"Why won't he be penalized?

"I give the guy points and tell him to challenge such. I give the guy pointer. Wake up."

The outbreak came moments after Kyrgios ran to the judge because he felt a photographer was talking while the game was going on.

"Well, I mean, you're probably right, but it's still stupid," Kyrgios said.

"She speaks literally, it's not stupid. But how high she is – it's called consciousness, some showed.

"Yes, she's allowed to talk, but if I did that job I'd be like" wow, I'll keep my voice down ".

"She brings a camera into court that is the size of a tennis racket."

In the Queen's last month, Kyrgios explained why he feels the standards need to be improved around.

"I just don't think they (judges) are being penalized enough who sanctioned enough if they make a bad decision," Kyrgios said.

"And he knows without him without calling the ball he knows I'm going to need.

"If you don't sit in the chair and don't call it, you don't do your job right."

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