Neymar: impossible operation for Barça?

If Neymar sees his desire to join FC Barcelona come true, it will mean that the Catalan leaders have agreed to a significant financial effort, which we are still very far to this day. The reality of the moment is that the Brazilian player remains determined to return to Barcelona and that the PSG is ready to part with it in exchange for a nice financial transaction, namely 300 million euros or 150 million (M €) in more than two players desired by the Parisian entity. And that's where the rub on the side of Barcelona, ​​where the heads are digging to find a solution.

"Barça will not bleed for Neymar," said a close friend of the Spanish club. The leaders are really ready to carry out an exchange like Coutinho and Dembélé or Coutinho and Rakitic with, maximum, 40 or 50 M €. But not more. They consider that they do not have a crazy pressure to bring him back. If he comes, OK so much better. If not so be it. Griezmann is there, De Jong too … The club has grown stronger. And they believe that time is in their favor, leaving Neymar and his clan to insist. At worst, they have destabilized the start of the season PSG, It suits them too.

But in this potential operation, the PSG wants cash and will not let go. A problem for Catalan finances. Since the start of the 2019 summer market, around € 220 million has been invested in Griezmann (120), De Jong (75 excluding bonus) or Neto (26). A sum not balanced by sales, estimated at € 100 million, but not crazy compared to the turnover of Barça, valued at € 690 million by Deloitte. The most important constraint is rather in the Barcelona payroll.

The Spanish tax threat

"Very large expenses are generated by the salary of Lionel Messi, which costs in total more than 100 M € per year, details Vincent Chaudel, founder of the Sport Business Observatory. And Suarez, Dembélé, Griezmann or Coutinho are not smicards. To welcome Neymar, one must fatally free oneself from big salaries. The margin is narrow. Especially as the president of Barça, Josep Maria Bartomeu, seems to play a double game. Under the pressure of Messi and Suarez, who absolutely want the return of their Brazilian friend, Bartomeu looks to seek solutions, knowing that at present, the transaction is financially near impossible.

In addition, a new element has been added to this thorny issue. The Spanish tax office, which investigates the years of Neymar in Barcelona (2013-2017), claims to the player 35 M € of unpaid taxes and would be ready, according to the Mundo Deportivo, to directly deduct this sum on his first wages in case of back to Spain. "Neymar is currently net € 36 million to PSG and there is talk of a new annual salary of € 22 million in Barca, said Vincent Chaudel. If we add the € 35 million claimed by the IRS, it's a lot of millions lost for him. Especially since he also has a subject with the tax authorities in Brazil. Neymar is rather interested in maintaining his current lifestyle. Which seems incompatible with a return to Barça.

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