Neymar could have to pay 35 million euros to the Treasury

Neymar could have to pay 35 million euros to the Treasury


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While transcending his statements remembering the 6-1 PSG with the shirt of Barcelona as his best football memory, the news that the Treasury could be following closely the wake of Neymar they have returned to the scene. On this occasion, as reported by 'Mundo Deportivo', the Treasury would be putting the magnifying glass on the Brazilian's tribute during his four years in Barcelona, ​​as well as the ins and outs of his transfer of record, 222 million euros, to PSG.

The figure that the Tax agency would require the player could go up to 35 million euros, a fact that would make it more difficult if his return to Barcelona, ​​evident as it seems the desire of the player to return to dress Barca.

More wood for the problems of Neymar with the Treasury, which in 2017, according to 'El Mundo', already claimed the soccer player high amounts corresponding to what was perceived by his renewal premium with Barça and his transfer to PSG. The one of Mogi das Cruzes, to finish entangling the subject, has active a demand in the courts of Barcelona against the Catalan club, to which he demands the complete payment of the previously mentioned premium.

Engaged in not having a quiet day in his life, Neymar maintains the same open-mindedness with the Brazilian taxation. In his country he would have blocked up to 36 properties valued at some 16 million euros for alleged tax fraud by declaring the bonus of his signing for Barça as corporation tax, instead of as an individual. On that occasion, when leaving Santos, the striker pocketed 40 million.

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