Sport National: Créteil suffers the law of Auxerre

National: Créteil suffers the law of Auxerre




Half time: 0-2.

Goals. Creteil: Soare (64th); Auxerre: Barreto (4th), Merdji (39th s.p.).

Creteil (1st period): Véron – Pardal, Belkouche, Gbizié, Fofana – Llambrich, Buaillon (cap.), Nsele, Sambu Mansoni, Diallo – Bouhmidi. Entr. : Secretario.

Creteil (2nd period): O. Mandanda – Simoes-Pelletier, Dauchy, Baal, Reis – Pereira, Sambu Mansoni (Diallo, 70th), Baptist, Baal, Abbas – Bouhmidi (Larade, 70th).


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