Mihajlovic announces that he has leukemia

Mihajlovic announces that he has leukemia

Sinisa Mihajlovic, coach of Bologna, announced on Saturday that he suffers from leukemia, but according to technical director Walter Sabatini it will not prevent him from continuing in his current position at the helm of the Italian Serie A club.

"When I heard the news it was a really hard blow," admitted the Serbian coach on the eve of the return to training in Bologna, facing the new season.

"I'm going to face (leukemia) in front, looking him straight in the eyes, as I've always done," added Mihajlovic, who received a standing ovation at the end of his press conference.

Walter Sabatini said that Mihajlovic, who will start his treatment on Tuesday, will continue to coach the team that finished tenth last year in the 'Calcio'.

The club's doctor, Gianni Nanni, estimated that Sinisa Mihajlovic (50 years old) has a good healing perspective. "It is a disease that can be defeated," said the doctor.

Mihajlovic was appointed coach of Bologna at the end of January, at a time when the club was 18th in the Italian league, with a serious threat of relegation.

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