McCann family expands father's legacy with tennis event | Sport

McCann family expands father's legacy with tennis event | Sport

Twenty-five children from Boys and Girls & # 39; Club in Albany got a fun introduction to the tennis world Thursday morning. The family of tennis enthusiast Bill McCann along with management Albany to allow the kids to spend time with four tennis courts to teach tennis in the Albany State West tennis facility.

"My father loved tennis," said Tracy McCann-St. Amant. "So we wanted to do something that would honor his legacy and we couldn't think of a better way to do it than to introduce tennis to children," she said. Bill McCann died with cancer.

Mc-Cann-St. Amant, her sister Julie McCann North and her mother Glenda McCann were all smiling to see the kids playing tennis, for the first time.

"Tennis is not one of the common sports that many children learn," McCann-St said. A man. "We wanted to introduce them to the foundation of the game, but more importantly, the concept of sports crew," she said.

"We knew Dad loved tennis," she said, "but we were amazed at the answer my sister and I got at Dad's funeral about how he always showed such a good sportsmanship. We knew he was competitive, but he was always very gracious on the court. That's one thing we want the kids to take away from today. "

The McCann family donated some of the money needed to fund Thursday's event and the other money was donated through Albany's 2017-18 program. Wes Sadler was in the leadership of Albany with McCann-St. Amant and worked together to make it happen. University of North Florida internally Joel Boysen helped get everything together for the event.

Each of the children received their own tennis racket as well as a gift bag with tennis balls, bracelets and more.

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