Manager Patricio Apey defends himself against Zverev allegations

Manager Patricio Apey defends himself against Zverev allegations

Patricio Apey has responded to the allegations of his client Alexander Zverev after his first-round defeat at Wimbledon, he makes his life as hard as possible, so that he could concentrate only hard on tennis. In a statement to various media stressed the Chilean tennis manager that he only defend his rights. "He broke a fierce, unnecessary and illegitimate litigation against my company when he deliberately and illegally broke his contract, which was valid until at least 2023."

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Apey pointed out that Zverev's decision to settle the dispute was in court. "I would have preferred to have privately discussed all the reservations and reservations he has against me. But the communication is done exclusively through lawyers. This process is now running. And now that his results are not so good, I'm being portrayed as a scapegoat. But the only one who makes his life difficult is Sascha himself. "

The contractual relationship between the two parties began in 2012, and over time developed close personal contact. However, after winning the ATP final in London last November, Zverev's greatest success so far, there must have been a process that persuaded Alexander Zverev to part with his longtime confidante.

Apey complains that none of the Zverev family has bothered to contact him for clarification. He keeps the door open at all times for a meeting with Alexander Zverev and his family and is ready to settle the matter without lawyers. "Whenever he wishes, he can focus on what's going on at the tennis court, not on what's going on in court. It's his decision, and I wish him the very best for his future tennis career. "

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