Luke Voit was not a complete disappointment on Yankees

Luke Voit was not a complete disappointment on Yankees

Against the Blue Births Saturday, in 172 games in a row, the Yankees looked as if they were about to close them out.

Aaron Hicks took a very fast walk before the Yankees in the hole of two were carried out by Gleyber Torres and Brett Gardner of the Yankees. DJ LeMahieu delivered 0-for-5 on the day with a sharp ground ball to the center and Aaron Judge drove in Hicks to cut the deficit to one and keep the streak alive.

Luke Voit then had all the eyes, which came back again on Saturday morning after an eight-game absence with abdominal pressure he suffered on 29 June in London.

But caught 97-mph, inside of fastball from Daniel Hudson Blue Jays Voit looking.

“I had good bats. Obviously the last two, they made good parks, like big-league pitchers. I felt good overall, ”Voit said after the 2-1 loss. “It's frustrating because I had the chance to help the team win the game today and it didn't come up, but that is to say and it's going to happen sometimes.” T

Voit knew that LeMahieu and the previous Judge would have an opportunity in the order, but despite his confidence in his performance to that point, the strike went away.

He said he was disappointed with the missed opportunity in his last round, but considered Voit's ability LeMahieu and the Judge to keep the game within reach something special.

“There's always a chance,” he said.

The first baseman was frustrated with some of the domestic plate calls, saying the referee Andy Fletcher was “around the plate, but it strikes at the end of the day.” Tackling the total number of his bats, Voit was happy with the play he had on the plate as a whole and thought it was the two walking walks.

The Yankees 4-4 went without Voit, who did not feel he needed a rehabilitation task before returning to the lineup. He thought his week free from baseball activities was good for him, and he reminded him of spring training to remind him in Tampa.

But Voit was welcomed back with a game changing opportunity that he was not able to take advantage of. It is likely that he will look again, as the Yankees will try to take the final of the three-game series on Sunday.

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