Iulene Olabarria announces its withdrawal

Iulene Olabarria announces its withdrawal

Iulene Olabarria Barinagarrementeria (Donostia, 1985) has announced the withdrawal of IDK Gipuzkoa and professional basketball at the Bully bar in Bera Bera with friends, teammates and other staff of the San Sebastian club.

After 16 seasons in the club has decided "at the right time to take the decision and to say goodbye, but not say goodbye, as I will remain linked to the club in management and continue to grow along with the club in another way."

The president, Carmen Muguruza, has highlighted, along with Onintza Aduriz, who also announced her retirement a few months ago, that "they are two friends of whom I have been a fan and now I am linked with them in my heart".

Coach Azu Muguruza, for her part, thanked his "professionalism, collaboration" and has conveyed that "the path we have taken together with Iulene is unrepeatable for everything we have lived and grown together."

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