News «It's amazing that Girona does not have an athletics...

«It's amazing that Girona does not have an athletics track in good condition»


– «How does this take place being the fastest woman ever in Girona?»

– (Laughter). "I do not know, it's a pride; I am happy because it is an acknowledgment of my values ​​as an athlete after many years and, above all, I am satisfied that I have downloaded the twelve seconds … ".

Lowering the twelve seconds into the hundred meters smooth was a wall that had been planted before Paula Llistosella for many years. The Girona athlete, who is now 25 years old, does not remember exactly when he dropped out of 13 seconds, "very young, maybe when he was a cadet" and "eight years ago, when I was seventeen, I did 12.04." But, over time, the 12-second barrier remained a real wall for Paula Llistosella that "every year it seemed I had to get off the 12 seconds …". Last week, however, in a brand control on July 3 on the tracks of the Serrahima in Barcelona, ​​the GEiEG athlete ran the 100 at11.97, thus exceeding the absolute Girona record that, for two decades, The group was also Sònia Gràcia (11.99, also on the tracks of the Serrahima, on July 3, 1999). "I have had the Sònia Gràcia at the head during all these years, because I was my first coach at the GEiEG athletics school for eight years; now his brother trains with me and I have kept in touch with her … When I made the record, I sent the video. " Statistically, Paula Llistosella shares the Girona record with the combined specialist Montse Fernández 32 years ago (1987), also competing for the GEiEG, made a mark of 11.6 with manual timing. Regarding the records, the best manual and electronic brands share the privilege of being the best until electronics is not less than 24 hundredths slower than the manual. In this case, Llistosella should run with 11.84 to stop sharing the absolute Girona record with Montse Fernández.

With state podiums in promotion categories, a participation in the Junior World Championship from 20 in Barcelona and a seventh place, two years ago, in the 200 meter Spanish Championship, Paula Llistosella trains with Toni Mayoral at GEiEG. His club of life, with the exception of a stage in Barça but without ceasing to live in Girona, Llistosella always said "no" to the proposals to go to the CAR of Sant Cugat or to sign for clubs of Except that, for example, they would allow him to train twice a day and try to take a step further and get closer to the best Catalan and state specialists. Runners such as Jael Bestué, Estela García or Cristina Lara who, commonly running around eleven seconds and a half for years, are on the podiums in the Championships of Catalonia, such as this weekend, or in Spain. «I always gave priority to the studies and to open myself to the workplace; I also like to be very comfortable with my coach, with the family … The issue of the CAR I did not see it ever clear, "explains Llistosella that, although now he has made his big brand in 100 meters, he maintains that his favorite test is the 200. Distance in which he has a 24.50 mark, not so far from the 24.04 that from the year 2015 maintains as the Girona record Andrea Díez, habitual athlete of different clubs from Barcelona but registered in the 'Alt Emporda.

In time to make the big jump?

Graduate in Business Administration and Management and now working as an accountant, Paula Llistosella trains every day, from Monday to Friday, at GEiEG with Toni Mayoral as coach and other sprinter players such as veteran Assum Puig, the usual podium in master's competitions. "The issue of leaving I am considering more than when I was young, in the 25- to 30-year-old age, I can compete well and, sometimes, I think and not to make any savings and try to dedicate myself" Llistosella recognizes that, nevertheless, he knows that taking a step like that made a few years ago, the bathrobe Esther Guerrero, who after winning a state-run underground at 25, opted to focus on athletics and finished joining the elite in the world championships or the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In his case, however, being a sprinter, Llistosella is clear that the leap forward would stop coaching Girona. "If I did, I should go to Barcelona, ​​but I would like to take my coach," says the GEiEG athlete laughing, which has a good relationship with Toni Mayoral, who trains at the athletics stadium. the entity in Palau who, over the years, has ceased to be an installation much less suited to train. "It's fatal, the track is worn out and, for example, to train speed we should use starters but the keys are not closed … If we trained on a track with better conditions we could train much better, we would have fewer injuries, fewer loads and we could improve; I'm sure that training in another track would still be faster, "says the recent new 100-meter Girona record holder, who regrets that" in a city like Girona there is no athletics track in good condition, You can do any official competition … You look at the tartan on the track and see what's below, do not have an electronic timeline … ».

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