"It does not matter if you are Bill Gates or you are unemployed, you can have the same"

With the same routine as the previous three signings -Higgins, Davies and Mirotic-, Álex Abrines has been presented this Monday at the Palau Blaugrana as a new player of the Barcelona. It will be his second stage as Barça (2012-2016) after embarking on his adventure in the NBA the last three seasons. "I needed to go back to Barça to enjoy basketball again," he confessed immediately.

In fact, the Mallorcan, 25, has been without the parquet since February due to a depression that forced him to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder in the middle of the season. Some problems that Abrines has dealt with openly. "It does not matter if you are Bill Gates or you are unemployed, these problems can happen to anyone. People should know that with the help of professionals, friends and family you can get ahead, "he has sentenced.

Since I went to the NBA I have improved the physicist, faster shot and my ability to react to make decisions is better "

"In the end we are people, we are players 2 or 3 hours a day, but later you can spend difficult times and people must know what these things are happening and preventive measures must be taken so that they do not happen again. In addition to the physiotherapist, there must be a person dedicated to mental health because it is also important, "he said.

Abrines has appreciated the exquisite treatment of the Oklahoma franchise from the first moment he had these problems. And he has also thanked Barça for being interested in the Abrines person rather than the player Abrines. "Barça is my home, I have many friends here and playing in the Palau is a sensation that I can not describe with words," he said.

It is important that the teams have a person dedicated to mental health "

The Mallorcan guard considers that he has improved a lot since he left Barcelona three years ago. "I have more physical, faster shot, I have improved a lot in the ability to react to make decisions … although I also have aspects to polish and I have a great opportunity in the coming years at Barça," he said.

In spite of the mediatic signings that Barcelona has made and the obvious investment that has made in the basketball section, Albert Soler, director of professional sports of the club, has thrown a small taunt to the maximum rival: "We are not the team with the greatest Spanish budget ". The season promises.

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