Investor buys land: Sexshop LSD and Woolworth department store before the demolition – Police & Justice – Berlin

The well-known sex department store LSD – Love, Sex and Dreams – in Potsdamer Strasse, on the corner of Kurfürstenstraße could soon disappear, as well as the Woolworth department store opposite. Till-Oliver Kalähne, CEO of SPG & Co Berlin Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft, told the Tagesspiegel newspaper on Thursday that it was right that we had bought both plots of land, thus confirming corresponding media reports: "By chance, we had the property on the Woolworth Tenant is, acquired. And then we strived for the property opposite. "The LSD still belongs to the district Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Woolworth on the other side already to the middle.

Not only because there has been a flourishing street line here on Kurfürstenstraße for many years, the area is considered problematic. Around one in three adults receives transfers, and child poverty is high. That is why it is particularly important to pay attention to the good coexistence of newcomers and long-established residents, says Peter Pulm from Quartieremanagement Schöneberger Norden.

His area also includes the southern part of Potsdamer Straße, which has been flourishing for some time: expensive restaurants and shops are settling down. The music company Sony wants to open a new luxury district here on the former Commerzbank site, and other financially strong investors are showing interest.

"Of course, we had hoped that LSD would do something that would not – as planned years ago – go in the direction of a running house," says Pulm. "Laufhaus" was the name of a large brothel with many rooms, but this was rejected by the district. The current buyer wants to set up mainly commercial premises. "We have not yet been officially informed," says Pulm. "But we hope that start-up and counseling centers for the socially disadvantaged will continue to pay the rents and stay with them."

The street line should not be displaced

This is especially true for the women's meeting "Olga", a start-up and advice center for drug-using women, trans women and sex workers on the Kurfürstenstraße. Even there you do not know anything specific about the future. The concern that with the demolition of the Sexkaufhauses at the same time trying to dissolve the street, as the district office has already considered several times, is great. "At least there is help for the women here," says a social worker. "That would have to be built elsewhere first."

Of course, one will not simply displace the street, says Till-Oliver Kalähne: "So it needs common strategies with the district office, especially since not the women are the problem, but the associated environmental crime." He also rely on the power of the factual : "Due to the construction work, the Kurfürstenstraße will become a dead end for a long time. As a result, the traffic is severely restricted, so the clientele will be absent. "

The building permits are still pending

In any case, there will be no sex department store after construction. Other now resident tenants like Rossmann or the snack bar are likely to move in again. Woolworth also has a lease with the new landowner, said a spokeswoman for the Tagesspiegel: "The workers will be in the remaining nearly three dozen of our branches for the time of construction."

Managing director Kalähne is now waiting for the building permits, then it can start, he says. The height of the new buildings is not certain yet. Applicants, however, already have enough. Also the interest of Dax-oriented companies from abroad is great.

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