Hernandez: Anthony Davis was smart with no long-term commitments to the Lakers and his fans

With one season separating from his agency free of charge, he wanted to remove any misunderstandings from his mind.

When his future material emerged, he turned off his stool with a microphone in hand and promised his loyalty to his new hometown.

“If you're back,” he said, “I intend to make a resignation here.” T

So much.

Kyrie Irving was the player.

Last October was declared by TD Garden in Boston.

Irving from the Celtics this month departed with a signature with Brooklyn Nets.

The event was a great addition to Anthony Davis in that he showed him that there was nothing further to make any such commitments at the initial news conference held by Lakers on Saturday at their practice facility. to El Segundo.

Apparently, ask about his future over the coming season – “When that time comes next year, then you can ask me that question and we will revisit it,” he said. he needs Lakers uncomfortable.

EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. - Saturday, July 13, 2019: GM Lakers Rob Pelinka is dealing with questions from the report

GM lagers Rob Pelinka, on the left, addresses questions from reporters at Anthony Davis's initial news conference. Frank Vogel coach has them.

(Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times)

Strength can change over the season. Dreams can enter into nightmares. Projected Super teams can disclose themselves less than the sum of their parts. Ask Dwight Howard.

It seems that the caution is now a common sense that Los Angeles has lost its collective mind after the season frenzy that has put a new shape on the NBA.

This also applies to the clippers.

Paul George is recovering from operations on both shoulders and is not expected to be ready for the start of the season. Kawhi Leonard could once again be under a load management program which limited 60 regular season matches to the Toronto Eggs.

If either of their bodies breaks down, the Clippers will be very proud of the large money contract of a limited player during the 2021-22 season, and the other star is likely to open his escape hatch and go elsewhere. previous summer.

The case for the Lakers' Poor Day is Davis after this season, which would make them a long-standing team.

As an Irving case showed, promise now means nothing, no matter what secret the player has.

As for what is worth, the smart money brings note that Davis is his Handbook for the foreseeable future.

The agent he shared with LeBron James, founder of Klutch Sports Rich Paul, forced the New Orleans Pelicans to trade it to the Lakers. He waived a $ 4 million trade kicker to help a team, which he probably wouldn't have done if he thought he rented him for a season. In addition, he makes his home season in Los Angeles.

However, none of these replace a signed long-term contract and Davis can refuse to deal with it at the end of the coming season. It may keep its options open and make no promises to break it.

Looking for this to be a case Davis wants to escape without requiring a very strong imagination. He meets 35 in December and may have been the groin injury behind him for 17 games last season than the precursor of things to come. Remove James from the equation and the Lakers are the Pelicanes of the last season.

What was seen Saturday was how Davis believes he and James can organize the clear problems in a Lakers organization, which begins at the top with the ownership of Jeanie Buss and general manager Rob Pelinka. Remember Davis is not here because Buss or Pelinka; it is here because he and his agent believe in Lakers brand power.

Davis commented on the perceived malfunction: “I'm not concerned. I wasn't here last year when they said this and that. It wasn't a problem for me. I'm here now. I haven't seen any of it, so I'm glad to start and win the season to the championship goal to win. ”

But if people can hide problems, they can lose them. Who knows how Davis would work on this.

The consequences could be devastating.

Of the group of young players who were promising, the Lakers gathered over a six-year drought six years, there is only Kyle Kuzma still there. As part of the trade for Davis, the Lakers were required to participate in three draft pick-ups in the future.

That is why Pelinka reminded Davis of various times on Saturday because of Davis' s extraordinary part in putting the roster together.

“I mean, how many calls did we have between you, you and LeBron?” Pelinka asked Davis.

“It was like every day,” Davis said. “On the hour.”

“On the hour,” repeated.

The implication was clear: If Davis remains, not only will the team be built around him, he will talk about how the team is built.

This is more than Plan A for the Lakers. This is their only plan.

The potential disaster should not discourage anyone from looking forward to the coming season. Go ahead, celebrate the acquisition of Davis, return Lakers' to its importance, raise competition with clippers. Only know that the hangover could be intense.

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