Football Hazard already knows which dorsal he wants to wear...

Hazard already knows which dorsal he wants to wear during his time at Real Madrid


At this time in the white set there are only three dorsals free and it seems that the Belgian has decided to stay with one of them instead of waiting for the departure of players, according to the newspaper Brand.

One of the great unknowns of Real Madrid facing the new season would be close to being resolved. The new signings of the club this summer were presented without a dorsal on the back and Eden Hazard seems that he would have already chosen his. The Belgian has always worn the 10 with Lille, Chelsea and the national team, but that number is in the hands of Luka Modric who will not give it up. A historic dorsal for Real Madrid like the 7 is currently carried by Mariano, who has no intention of leaving the club so the options for the Belgian forward are quite reduced.


However, from the newspaper Brand They indicate that the dorsal chosen by Hazard would be 23 and in this preseason in Canada, the Belgian has chosen that box office. David Beckham was the one who put him in vogue at Real Madrid and the last white player to wear it was Sergio Reguilón, but after his move to Sevilla that number has been deserted.

The main reason for Hazard to wear the 23 on his back is that he is a great basketball fan, a sport in which that number has a great significance since it was worn by the legendary Michael Jordan in the Chicago Bulls.

In the absence of advance operation out at Real Madrid on 16, 18 and 23 are the only numbers that are free in the template and one of them seems to have an owner. Let's see how it ends up doing the distribution of numbers in a template in which there is overbooking.

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