Harris says the key to Eskimo's success in the early season

Harris says the key to Eskimo's success in the early season

After struggling for the first major of the Eskimo & # 39; s of the day, Trevor Harris and the attack on Edmonton were intractable for most of the first half.

Lucky for them, as well as Mike Reilly and the Lions.

But the difference between the two was that Green and Gold came in the second half with the pedal to the metal, while their defense held the Lions the other way. The Eskimo & # 39; s continued to win 33-6 and claimed the season series that also defeated BC in week 2.

After only an attack of 122 yards in total in the first half, Harris and the attacker ran into the ground during the last 30 minutes of the game and ended with 353 total yards.

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»Summary: Eskimo & # 39; s bounce back with convincing win on Lions

A 77-yard touchdown on a check-down by Harris led to Natey Adjei jumping on the sidelines for hitting the gas for a 77-yard touchdown reception in the early moments of the second half.

After a quick two-and-out through the Lions attack, Harris joined with DaVaris Daniels for a new touchdown pass. It would be Daniel & # 39; s first touchdown of the season in what would be his first match with the Eskimo & # 39; s due to an injury since he was picked up by Edmonton in a free agency.

"Those guys are going to flash every week, it's just a matter of who it is going to be," Harris said after the win. "It will be random. A box of chocolates, you don't know who it will be. We are just excited about the group that we have."

During Thursday's win, Harris completed 22 of his 28 passes and threw 276 yards and two touchdowns.

Harris has entered four competitions this year without throwing an interception, and to add to it, the Eskimos have four receivers with 200 or more receiving heirs.

"We are by no means a finished product, and that is the scary place where we are now and where we can be by the end of the year," Harris added.

Harris says the culture in Edmonton made it easy to switch to his new club after spending the last three seasons with the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

"It just starts with culture; believing in each other, putting our arms around each other. I like us. & # 39;

Harris and the Eskimo & # 39; s are coming back on Saturday for their 6-week match against the Montreal Alouettes.

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