Sport Hardly the transfer of Antoine Griezmann officialized, Atlético Madrid...

Hardly the transfer of Antoine Griezmann officialized, Atlético Madrid contests the amount


After many twists and turns, FC Barcelona has formalized this Friday the arrival of star striker Antoine Griezmann for the next five seasons in exchange for 120 million euros. Only Atlético de Madrid, where the player has been playing so far, refutes this figure in a statement. He considers that the amount is "insufficient". He announced the launch of "procedures" to defend his "interests" and believes that Antoine Griezmann would have broken his contract "unilaterally".

What happened ? This transfer is special. The world champion had announced in May that he would leave Atlético at the end of the season. But the Madrid club had meant that he did not want to separate from the French star striker. Not possible to negotiate, except to settle a release clause: a big amount put on the head of the player. Any club that wants to recruit him would only have to pay. With this system, Atlético could not oppose the start.

Second biggest transfer

The contract provided that before 1st July, the sum was 200 million euros. After that date, and so if we waited for the beginning of the new season, it was at a discount: 120 million. FC Bacelone paid well after 1st July and laid 120 million on the table. Except that Atlético ensures that the player has negotiated and signed the terms of his contract with his new club well before, when the 200 million still applied. The Madrid club is asking for this sum. Which would make it the second most expensive transfer in the history of football after the 222 million disbursed by the Paris-SG to snatch Neymar FC Barcelona.

In a statement, Barça said that the new release clause of the French was set at 800 million euros. The club does not detail, for now, the date of its official presentation to supporters.




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