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Griezmann, a Swiss knife for the attack of Valverde (Natàlia Arroyo)


It's official: the sleeve that lasts two summers lasts and Antoine Griezmann will be playing for Barça next season. He solved the matter of the signing, now the intrigue is to find out what role he will have for Barça's attack. And it is not a simple equation, because in ten years in the Spanish league many and different Griezmanns have been seen. At the age of 18 he was left behind in Real Sociedad, but since playing Atlético de Madrid, Simeone has been modeling season after season to give him all the keys to the attack mate. Griezmann can be many different things, but what formula can Barça benefit more to fit Messi, Suárez and Dembélé? If Neymar arrived, how would he affect her? So far Ernesto Valverde has not left any clue, because every time he has been asked for the opinion, he has diverted the issue with the argument that he does not want to talk about a player who plays in another club. It is not known what the technician anticipates and until the start of the season will cost to anticipate it. But playing with the board, things could go there.

Inside with Messi and without extremes

The combination of more hierarchy would play him behind Suarez as the second half

The first thing that is confirmed by the current Griezmann is that he is entering the most mature period of his football. At age 28, he recreates himself in a special ability to partner with peers. Atlético de Madrid has been gaining permits and freedoms, and has moved through all areas of the matalasser attack. Almost always with a close friend (Diego Costa or Morata), Griezmann has sought receptions in midfield areas, between the center circle and the front of the area.

It is the favorite habitat of Messi. Imagining them together in these indoor spaces in a kind of 4-3-2-1 is easy for the azulgranas, but the ecosystem would claim two things: the first, that the sides play very up, and the second, that the interiors They were dynamic (as they were Koke and Saul) to go to the outer lanes, both in attack and defense.

Encourage your first nature in space

To compensate the Messi game, a version of Griezmann is expected to be deeper and more vertical

Griezmann has become accustomed to always playing with a companion ahead and others run to space. He did it with Atlético and did it with France. He likes to launch transitions, he likes to be the first recipient of each action in the open field, he likes to receive between lines and accelerate the play against the last opponent line.

But at Barça it is hard to imagine that he has this role of catapulting, considering that Messi and Suárez would be the two most advanced men on the team with the current 4-4-2. The other option is that, to take advantage of this vertical instinct, Dembélé gains presence in the initial trident to always have someone fresh that goes to space. But who comes out, then? Suarez? Considering that there has not been a lone solo Griezmann (with France, he coexists with Mbappé, although he has a leading presence in the area), it's hard to imagine him at the height of the culer attack, for many goals and finishes that he can contribute.

Anyway, it seems more logical that French should recover its first essence, one that still retains but now selects more: live on the edge of the play and look for the break, fed by Messi. And not the other way around. The lace would retrieve the figure of Messi in false tip 9, with two bullets at his side. It would be a version of Barça as Argentina's attack on the recent Copa América (4-3-1-2).

Fit to the left end

When he has not played at the tip recently, he has acted on the Messi site. Barça may have to remember the era in Anoeta

To find more balance and respect the classical Barca structure (4-3-3), Griezmann's lace is also imagined in one of the bands. The problem is that his natural tendency brings him to the same as Messi, the right one. Timely played with Atlético. But the weak part of the scheme of Valverde is being the left end, especially if it confirms the departure of Coutinho, but Griezmann for more than five years does not occupy that position. It is where he played at the beginning with Real Sociedad, a club he debuted with at the age of 18. It offered arrival to second post, diagonals towards goal and centered. It is still another way to reach the first combination.

Defensive return

With Simeone, Griezmann has maintained a high commitment in the fold and in different roles

In the shadow of the Griezmann case and in the middle of praise for their soccer virtues, which also include a good defensive instinct, Arda Turan has somehow appeared. It has been cited as an example of the negative distension generated by the change of a strict method such as that of Simeone and the passage to Barça. It is understood, however, that they are different cases and motivations.

The French soccer player has good defensive predisposition, both in the purely recovery action and in the effort to retreat. He is instinctive to close and act on the opposing pivots when he acts as a second limb (4-4-1-1), and generous to pick up midfielder when he plays in the band (4-4-2). It has strength and legs to press on above and to condition the rival output.

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