Grayson Allen does what he does, he discovers from the NBA Summer League game

Grayson Allen does what he does, he discovers from the NBA Summer League game

Memphis guard Grayson Allen was released from Thursday's NBA Summer League match after committing two kinds of flagrant within seconds of each other.

Allen, who developed a reputation for controversial drama during her Duke's years, brought the two mothers against Celtics rookie Grant Williams, who led Boston with 21 points in 113-87.

Indiana's eSPN broadcaster and former coach Dan Dakich gave Allen a hard criticism during the broadcast, calling on Allen's history of aggressive play “just exhausting.” T

“I mean to be honest,” Dakich said in the air after the first fiction was issued. “A god defended his nauseam ad, he enabled him, and now he continues. And, truly, it's just exhausting. ”

After losing two dirty shots in the fourth quarter, Allen set up defense. It is then seen by Williams pushing his back after Williams tried to screen him. Referee Ray Acosta Allen released the first generous barrier to make unnecessary contact.

After Williams shot two foul play from Allen's first offense, Boston set up a play in which Williams re-examined Allen about the basket to open himself. As Williams went up with the shot, Allen managed to hit him and hit him.

“Just get out of this game. Now, ”said Dakich after the play. “I don't think he was swinging at the ball. I'm telling you. This depends on me. ”

Allen seemed to be upset saying, “That's the ball.

“I'm joking about because the place I grow up is different. So I want, ‘Let me relax and go on and play, just what my team wants, '' Williams said after the game.

Allen, recently acquired from Jazz as part of her The trade developed by Mike Conley developed to Utah famous for him as he played for the Blue Devils. In 2016, the ACC reprimanded it for two trip incidents which occurred close to each other suspended for a game for dirty play. Last summer, Allen began an aggressive attack against Atlanta Trae Young.

Williams, Allen who was a “contestant” on Thursday's incident, was not afraid and said he was “not taking anything personally.” T

“I always thought about it as you approached the game, things like that happening,” Williams said. “So you respect him, he's a talented player. He is a man who did wonderful things in a Duke, he's good friends with a few of my friends, so I didn't accept him personally. There was only a contest on the court. ”

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