News Gold Coast Titans players warned Garth Brennan that resignation...

Gold Coast Titans players warned Garth Brennan that resignation will not be the last


Titans players have been told that if they do not raise their standards, they will follow the deposed coach Garth Brennan.

After a tightening by the head of the performance and culture of Mal Meninga on Monday, the training intensity on Thursday was noticeably higher in a team that already received a major shock.

Gag forward Jarrod Wallace was hit hard when players immediately responded to Meninga, the technical staff of Craig Hodges, Luke Burt, Ezra Howe and Burleigh Bears coach Jim Lenihan who demanded an effort-oriented approach.

Experienced leaders Dale Copley and Michael Gordon were both talking about the & # 39; line in the sand & # 39; drawn by Meninga and the club hierarchy that did not give the playing group any illusions about what is expected now and in the future.

"Garth has clearly terminated his contract and we are still being judged," Copley said.

"He is the first, but I dare say he will not be the last.

"We are all now watching, he is the first to lose his job here, but when the season is over, we get the wooden spoon.

"As a playing group we have eight weeks, that's all we know."

Gordon resumes this week after being released from a potentially life-threatening blood disease and is probably in the final year of his NRL career before joining the Tweed Coast Raiders in the Northern Rivers Rugby League next year.

He said the playgroup had a very clear picture of what the club officials now expect from those wearing a Titans jersey.

"We had a meeting recently and the club made it clear that you are aboard where they want to go or you will continue," said the 35-year-old anticipating his 255th performance.

"You must either buy what they are trying to do here or you will be pissed off.

"The line has been drawn in the sand, we have performed poorly, there is no way to enchant it." The club is in a good position financially and outside the field and now it's up to the players.

"They only want people at the club who want to be part of the club and want to be part of it if it is successful. If you sit around shovels and are selfish, you will be moved."

After spending time in both the Broncos and Schedules, Copley admitted that in some cases the training intensity under Brennan had been a shortage of what might be expected from an NRL team.

Titans is back from Michael Gordon.
Titans is back from Michael Gordon.
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"A clear change in posture has occurred and you have probably all noticed a change in training intensity," Copley said.

"I felt that sometimes we could have done things more intensively with fewer breaks in our training sessions," he said.

"The crux of it was that what we were doing was not working, so we had to change things.

"There were no ifs, buts or maybes about that, the club was very honest about that and as players we have to jump on board and comment on what is happening to bring the club forward and the vision they have."


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