Fred Jigorel photographed Women's Football World Cup

Fred Jigorel photographed Women's Football World Cup

Fred Jigorel, educational assistant at Guer (Morbihan), is also the correspondent of the sports pages of Ploërmelais. He covered the Women's Football World Cup.

Ploërmelais correspondent Fred Jigorel photographed the Women's World Cup. (© Manu Cahu)
Ploërmelais correspondent Fred Jigorel photographed the Women's World Cup. (© Manu Cahu)

Fred Jigorel, 33, and a football fan left the country Ploërmel (Morbihan) to attend several matches of the Women's Football World Cup. The correspondent of the sports pages of the Ploërmelais share his experience.

Where does your passion for football come from?

Since I was little, I have taken to the taste of soccer, first with the games on television and then with the friends in the playground and on the lawns on Saturday with at the time, a beautiful team of Loyat (Morbihan). Regarding women's football, this is Jean-François Carlac'h which gave me the urge to follow women first at Ploërmel Fc then by attending the meetings of the Blue at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

How was the coverage of this major event?

Thanks to my director and my two colleagues in school life, I was able to free myself from my hours of work when I needed to go to school. world Cup. It was very tiring because sometimes you had to go to school and continue the day at the stadium. You must be at least two hours before the meeting to introduce yourself and choose your place as a photographer.

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In Rennes, it was really family-friendly during meetings with security guards or even volunteers.

Fred Jigorel met Desire in the World Cup final.
Fred Jigorel met the Nigerian captain and attacking Guingamp in D1, Désiré Oparanozie. (© The Ploërmelais)

Which games did you attend?

I was able to witness the victory of the French women at the opening of the world Cup the Princes Park. Then I continued the adventure at Roazhon Park with seven games including the quarter-final between Germany and Sweden. I had the chance to be part of the photographers during the final, USA – Netherlands.

Before Sunday, I would have said that my favorite match was between Germany and Sweden. Today, I would rather say the final, with the beauty of the stadium, the atmosphere, the fans and the American victory that is deserved.

Meeting with Lizarazu and Margotton

Have you had any special meetings?

Yes, beautiful meetings with photographers Manu Cahu and Mickaël Guay. Without them, my world Cup would have been different. We helped each other throughout the event, whether for transportation or accommodation.

Celebrity level, I met Bixente Lizarazu and Grégoire Margotton after the final, at the media center.

Fred Jigorel met Bixente Lizarazu at the World Cup.
Fred Jigorel met Bixente Lizarazu at the World Cup. (© The Ploërmelais)

I also had the chance to thank, Claire Gaillard without which nothing would have been possible and I will never forget this picture taken with the Nigerian captain and attacker of Guingamp in D1, Désiré Oparanozie after the match against France.

What was the match with the most atmosphere?

I loved the match between Netherlands and the Japan, the Dutch were thoroughly! I also liked the atmosphere at Rennes when the team came from France even if I remain on my hunger because the players did not come to greet the fans. I will also remember the Japanese fans, who always give a good image by cleaning the stands.

The Netherlands for the atmosphere and especially the USA who are one with their team. Americans are very photogenic with beautiful disguises.

Supporter of Blue for 10 years

What do you think of the women's team?

I have been Blue for almost 10 years. During this world Cup, the French were overweight because of this first victory 4-0 in the opening match. They were not at the level either collectively or individually.

Ploërmelais correspondent Fred Jigorel photographed the Women's World Cup.
Ploërmelais correspondent Fred Jigorel photographed the Women's World Cup. (© The Ploërmelais)

In your opinion, what difference (s) can be noted between their game and that of the players of the France Men's team?

There is a difference in the game, the technique and the atmosphere.

We can still see today that players play by passion and not for money as some in men's football.

The most glaring detail between the two worlds: faults. The girls are not like some footballers to roll on the ground … By cons, today we want to help referees with video assistance but it's more of a drag, given the many polemics at the Women's World Cup. This concept should really be revisited.

What do you want to add on this experience?

Do not think that photography is easy. You must always question yourself at the end of the match because you never know if you will have the chance to go further in the competition. There are many sacrifices to make, whether physical or moral because fatigue is felt over the competition. It is necessary to be concentrated during the meetings to make the best photos possible and not to look at the time in the transports, as to make about 1,200 km to attend the final in Lyon!

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