Football 'walking', the ideal sport for the elderly

Football 'walking', the ideal sport for the elderly

It seems lying, but there are still sports to invent. And time shows it to us. Play football walking Sport and society, an ideal tandem for a new lifestyle. A variant of football that brings together people of an older age and whose objective is to promote physical activity. That is why this modality goes beyond sport and is focused on a clearly social aspect. The arrival of this discipline in our house offers a new opportunity to all the addicts to the ball, which unfortunately are no longer in a position to be able to play a soccer game.

Originally in Chesterfield, in the center of England, the walking Football came to Catalonia in 2017 by Steve Archibald and Silvio Szegedi, the son of former Barça player Nicolae Szegedi. Both are cofounder of the Walking Soccer Union, the leading institution in Catalonia and Spain. The birth of this sport, however, is quite curious. In 2011, the Chesterfield-Chesterfield FC club, located in Derbyshire County, sought to revitalize sporting activity among people over 50 and, at the same time, sought to encourage the social life of the city, this group. The idea was very well received, but it was not until Steve Rich, former professional player, wished to make it known. He created a website to connect the few teams that were distributed throughout the country. The appearance of Rich was the spark that ignited the flame and catapulted this variant of soccer.

He walking Football has experienced exponential growth in the United Kingdom and has managed to cross borders and reach more than 35 countries. One of them, Catalonia. "Running is cowards," said Carles Reixach. He walking Soccer shows that you do not have to run to enjoy this sport. With innovative standards, which include the obligation to have a foot supported always on the ground, this sport has had a great impact in Catalonia. In this line, this modality, at an intermediate point between football and football, is disputed in a field of 45 x 25 m. The matches last 50 minutes, divided into two parts of 25, and are arbitrated by two collegiate. One is in charge of whistling the offenses and the other is fixed in the development of the game. Another surprising rule is that the ball can not be lifted above the head's height, while it is totally forbidden to do more than three touches. A totally specific regulation to avoid any type of physical risk.

Its growth in Catalonia has been impressive in the last year. Even the Academy of Medical Sciences of Catalonia and the Balearics is studying Szegedi's proposal that aims to value sport as a recovery therapy. That is why it has had this outbreak. Men and women have become fond of breaking the routine and regaining the enthusiasm of younger people to practice sport in a safe, friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

The first weekend of June, the first edition of the World Cup of the specialty was held in London. The Walking Soccer Union, founded by Archibald and Szegedi, is the organ in charge of managing this sport in Catalonia and also who represented the Spanish delegation in the first international commitment. At the state level, entities such as Athletic Club, through its foundation, or Barça, with their team of veterans, are two of the promoters of this sport.

The Catalan institution with an international character promotes weekly leagues to give continuity to the players. Each team plays a game per week and does a workout, that is, they practice the Walking Soccer eight times a month.


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