American Football Football Hipster Terms Explained: What is a regista?

Football Hipster Terms Explained: What is a regista?


We had the "low block" the scourge of Graeme Souness's existence. We covered the use of numbers for field roles.

If they were infuriating for the Yer Da, even if they have nothing to envy to football hipster today, it's true, it's abroad.

Gone are the days of goaltenders, defenders, midfielders and attackers – we now have subsets of specific words in these roles, and some of them have even been borrowed from Johnny Foreigner.

We will go to enganche, the TQ and the raumdeuter In the future, but today, let's try to find out what a "regista" is – and no, that's not where you pay for your purchases.

What is it then?

regista is a word borrowed from Italian, where it literally means "director".

The pioneer of this role was the Italian manager, Vittorio Pozzo, winner of the World Cup, who used Luis Monti as center in a 2-3-2-3 system.

Monti would fall in the bottom line when the Azzurri would not have the ball, before coming forward to try to dictate the game when they would have done it.

The name regista evokes exactly what the player does on the field – he directs the game, controls the game and gives a vivid picture.

In English, the nearest equivalent would probably be "deep-lying", although the role is more like the quarterback of American football.

Why do people say it?

Pozzo won the World Cup with Monti in his team in 1934, but the word "regista" only recently entered the lexicon of British football.

Andrea Pirlo, winner of the World Cup, extraordinary passer and enemy of Scott Brown, is undoubtedly the greatest modern representative of this role.

Pirlo began his career playing behind the forwards, but playing for Brescia, Carlo Mazzone had the idea to drop him at the base of the midfielder to play the role of regista.

Carlo Ancelotti continued his career in Milan and that the rest belongs to history, with Pirlo a metronomic presence for the Rossoneri, Juventus and his country for more than ten years.

His influence, as well as that of Xavi in ​​the great Barcelona team of Pep Guardiola, helped to popularize the term.

The role is not always understood on these shores – just attend the collective head of some experts when he watched Jorginho de Chelsea last season.

Does it make sense?

If you use it properly. Remember that the regista is not just a neat midfielder, it is someone who dictates the tempo of the game and controls the game of his team.

Pirlo v England at Euro 2012 would be a good example.

Do you have to say it out loud?

Learning foreign languages ​​is fun and useful – so we will allow this one.

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