Rugby Fiji's brutal preparations for beating Wales at the Rugby...

Fiji's brutal preparations for beating Wales at the Rugby World Cup are something else


One of Wales' World Cup rivals is leaving no grain of sand unturned in their quest to be in tip-top condition for Japan.

For the Fijian squad have taken the breathtaking, but brutal, Sigatoka sand dunes on the island of Viti Levu, to get the Pacific Islanders to the peak of their physical fitness for their Pool D clashes with the 2019 Six Nations champions, as well as Australia, Georgia and Uruguay.

The dunes, which range from 20 to 60 meters in height, have become something of a Mecca for sports stars trying to significantly boost their fitness levels.

Olympic champions and Fiji's world-beating rugby squad are among those to have tested themselves on the high and lung burning slopes of Sigatoka in recent years.

And John McKee's Fiji coach has tried and tested route on his class of 2019 ahead of their first World Cup warm-up game against the Maori All Blacks at the ANZ Stadium, Suva, on Saturday.

The Fijians tweeted out a video of their work on the dunes that saw the squad hauling sand bags up the steep slopes, crawling command style through the terrain and embarking on bouts or wrestling.

The stamina-sapping session ended with a traditional Fijian hymn and group huddle: one of the great traditions that endorses them to the rest of the rugby world.

McKee customs FBC news: "You can see the players had a lot of enthusiasm coming here which is important and they really enjoyed coming here.

"You watch how the players react here as it is a bit tougher than running on grass, so you see they are also doing different things and they develop some mental toughness to endure when you are really tired which you can push yourself to little extra . "

Meanwhile, Wales head to Switzerland this week as they ramp up their own World Cup preparations up a notch in a grueling altitude camp.


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