FIFA Women's World Cup: "Equal Pay" calls against Fifa President Gianni Infantino

FIFA Women's World Cup: "Equal Pay" calls against Fifa President Gianni Infantino

At the awards ceremony for the World Cup in France, spectators at the Stade de Lyon caused a stir with "Equal Pay" calls. When FIFA President Gianni Infantino stepped onto the grass to congratulate the US players on the World Cup title, fans chanted the demand for equal pay regardless of gender.

Even the newly crowned US World Champions took the calls after the end of the game. "I thought that was great," said the goal scorer to 2: 0, Rose Lavelle. "I think everyone is ready to take this conversation to the next level," said Superstar Megan Rapinoe. "We are through with the question of whether we should earn just as much."

All players at this World Cup showed the most incredible show, they could not do any more, said Rapinoe. "What's next, how do we support women's associations around the world, what can Fifa do?" In addition to the World Cup title, the 34-year-old was also named the best goalscorer and best player of the tournament.

Big differences in premiums

The background is probably a lawsuit by 28 US national players, they filed in early March against their football association. The players demanded that they no longer be discriminated against because of their gender because the organization paid them significantly less money than the men.

However, the problem of unfair pay is not just American. The German national team players would have 275,000 euros less per capita in the case of a World Cup title than the men at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Also the world federation Fifa pays out different premiums to the respective participant federations. While at the Women's World Cup, a total of about 30 million US dollars are paid, got in the men World Champion France 2018 alone a premium of 38 million US dollars.

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