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Eva-Maria Lemke trains civil courage: always with attitude in the middle – Berlin


A trip to the Berlin city nature on a cool, slightly excited morning, which wants to be well prepared. The Lemke has prepared as a precaution coffee and brought along with cow's milk in the glass. The little green oasis of the Café Eule in the Gleisdreieck Park between Schöneberg, Tiergarten, Kreuzberg and Mitte has chosen "Abendschau" and "Kontraste" presenter Eva-Maria Lemke as meeting place, because "everything is like being in your own allotment, but without stress Bark mulch and so "; even before the allotment garden order she has some respect. In the park here she likes to run – "in the sense of walking, that is: going for a walk". Now she is serving steaming coffee.

The sparrows miss the guests, a woodpecker dares between empty tables – "Really, a woodpecker ?!" The small cross-cultural gastronomy in self-made style, highly professional and well-attended in the sun, raised a ZDF colleague who wanted to do something different than office and hit world. "A nice perspective for later times" is what television woman Lemke calls the thought-provoking wink – "you never know in our business".

"@dielemke"She calls herself self-confident on Twitter, because she has 25,000 followers, another 20,000 on Facebook – even this digital world is her hood – because pats, likt and occasionally discusses them passionately with fans and critics, admonitions and motzt but also, if her flat hate and simple slogans go too far.

Her digital moral courage trained her until the beginning of 2018 on the ZDF night news "heuteplus": "I used it to beat the nights around my ears, to find out: are we discussing ourselves in a bubble, must we really be afraid of civil war-like conditions? "One or the other troll she called and said:" No, there is no civil war in Duisburg-Marxloh, there are no garbage cans burning – but someone has delusions. And if five people agree with it on Twitter, it can be their own accounts that like each other. "

Lemke knows that such activities are controversial for journalists – but "it's idiotic to assume that journalists are always completely unbiased," she says candidly. "That's nobody. We all have our experiences and take them to work. You do not have to hide them, but also consciously deal with completely different realities. "

One Twitter Fight a week

To keep up with Twitter sometimes, but it has clear standards: "Based on scientific findings, one can allow one position and dub other than nonsense. You do not have to knead every jumble as 'the other side'. And I think, you can take as a common basis for everything very well our Basic Law. And then there are utterances that are indisputable. Since I miss, also with some colleagues, sometimes a certain vehemence. "She has given her many fans and friends on the net – enemies too. Lemke has noticed that this also stresses: "Such a fight I allow myself only once a week."

In particular, her work for the ARD political magazine "Kontraste" offers special occasions. In the network, the exchange with the people is more direct: "Linear television is uncomfortable, of course no one gives it up today, nobody cares anymore", she makes no illusions: "This train is so crazy. But you can reach people elsewhere, "contacts instead of quota, so to speak," just an additional 100,000 followers, that's a completely new currency, which is still barely registered. "

"Attitude also helps to give orientation"

Lemke wants to take visual and reading habits from social networks on television: "The old Aunt TV can look a lot of the: to be straight and be transparent. For example, sometimes show: Why do we have a long piece about it – and the other just as a short message? How do we work and who is behind it? What kind of attitude has the reporter himself become involved in? "For them," that is not nanny journalism, but our primary task: to classify, to weight, to prepare ". If you do not like that, you can read agency tickers. "Today we are so over-supplied with information that sometimes contradicts each other. Attitude also helps to give orientation. Then you have a position to the point and can work it off. "

Eva-Maria Lemke at the Tagesspiegel neighborhood walk through Schöneberg in the Café Eule in the GleisdreieckparkPhoto: Doris Spiekermann-Klaas

Festgequatscht in the allotment. A quick step back towards the city, Lemke talks about the absurd inability of cheap insect hotels, the importance of decoupled green phases in the traffic light circuit, and curiously examines the highly complex safety structure with reference measuring points for the U1 bridge over the Gleisdreieck: cameras, measuring technology and hydraulics are in part quite prosaic Hand-crafted buckets and plastic bottles secured. Something to discover everywhere – you just have to look, ask, and talk further … in the fall, reporter Lemke will also be there Talkmaster, together with rbb colleague Jessy Wellmer in the ARD: "No Sitzmöbel-Plauderhalbkreis, but a hearty Tresentalk."

After a few years of exhausting commute as a young mother with a toddler between the capital and Mainz, she is happy to be back home again, here on perhaps the most brittle edge of Schöneberg between City West and Neubauboom, with street markings and old Potse. "I love my street!", Lemke shouts happily when turning into the Potsdam. This is their neighborhood: "For nine years, at that time, not everyone wanted to live here." The area was a last piece of no-man's land from fallow land and a few remnants of the old West. Gentrification has taken a bit longer here behind Potsdamer Platz than in other parts of the city.

Diversity in the remnants of the west

Lemke enjoys the variety: the Western Dead-End during the Berlin Wall has become a lively, multicultural park. On Potsdamer Straße, galleries, designers and international gastronomy have forced their way between the old-established shops. "I always thought that as long as 'Ave Maria', the statue of the Saints Statue, is still there, everything is fine here," muses Lemke. Now he has moved – but only once around the corner. The mix is ​​still right. "And the Buddy's Nest is still there, it will hopefully always stay!" The butcher Staroske is still there, the conservatory Variety has berappelt, now in the former Tagesspiegel shop Fiona Bennett now puts out their hats.

In the quarter canteen "Maiden Mother & Crone" there is a daily fresh lunch for three hours – urban and pure, but unfortunately it is closed today. The Swabian Maultaschenmanufaktur has moved to Kreuzberg. But there is now a Thai – and still the Joseph-Roth-Diele, years ago "the first store here, the wireless had," says Lemke from their early years Schöneberg. Twice noodles and juice spritzer for lunch please.

Grown up in Neukölln, "when it was really street"

Born in the GDR and immigrated to the West with her parents, Lemke grew up in Neukölln "when it was still street". At school, she was one of two people who spoke German at home – not a drama back then, but experienced diversity: "We had a primary school teacher who tolerated zero, if you've got someone done for his background. I totally internalized that and maybe that's why I was not so scared of this alleged 'alienation', I never saw it as limiting: I thought it was cool that my whole girlfriend and my best friend were always together for dinner – that was ours Do not stop there. "For that she brought her children's books, which the girl did not know.

"Separating" is alien to her, even now for her own child: "Always in the middle, and in the neighborhood school: Because we live here!" To send the child to the Waldorf school jottwede, "that would be stupid, if it then gets scared, when someone rumbles at the kiosk ". She is very serious – and very natural.

Speaking of: Lemkes moral courage, which attacks on the street? "Yeah, sure." When pimps or losers on the street of Kurfürstenstrasse brutally attack women or besiege playgrounds, she sometimes intervenes. "And if someone in the company car, with name and address sticking, looking for prostitutes, I'll go to the disc and ask if I can take a short photo." Lemke considers: "Now that comes a bit over, as if I was as a street sheriff on the way? Nee: Prostitution is allowed here, but totally unabashed on women search next to the playground an obviously to bluff girl, that should at least be very sensitive! "Also, they are reality checks outside the professional and social bubble. Sometime soon she wants to answer the child's question, "why women dance on the street corner".

Eva-Maria Lemke on the way in the GleisdreieckparkPhoto: Doris Spiekermann-Klaas

Announcement is not so the woman of the "evening show" – mediation is their thing. When trying as a newsreader, "there was always an eyebrow too high," the pout pulled too crooked, the voice commented with.

As the Maassenstraße has developed from the "Massenparkplatz" to the busy street, she likes: "You can sit outside now! Five years ago, that was like sitting comfortably on the main road, "she says happily the controversial meeting zone between Nollendorf and Winterfeldtplatz. "Breakfast in front of the Café Berio is quite unbeatable", vis-à-vis "the shop with the coolest name for men's outerwear: Boyz 'R' Us" and the unpretentious, any styling fetching bookstore without a name, on the yellowed "delicatessen" stands. She never looked at her cell phone.


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