American Football England vs United States: English women pursue World Cup...

England vs United States: English women pursue World Cup history against "the team that everyone wants to beat"


If the United States wants to successfully defend its title, they will certainly have done it the hard way, because if the defending champion saw the team of Phil Neville, he would have beaten the ranked teams No. 4 ( France) and No. 3 (England). in the world in the round of 16.

Like any match that provokes a feverish excitement a few days before the kickoff, there are also many secondary intrigues that make up a fascinating contest.

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Ellis (left) and Neville were both in England and fans of Manchester United.

Arrogance or excellent planning?

"This is not etiquette, really, is not it?" said the boss of England, Neville, in response to the discovery of two US staff members at the hotel's English team in Lyon. The preparation for a big match is not quite the same without the title "Spygate".

US coach Jill Ellis told reporters that they envisioned the hotel as a potential base ahead of Sunday's final in Lyon and downplayed suggestions that such a preparation foreshadowed the event. ;arrogance.

"I think it's important to do your job, so in terms of arrogance, it has nothing to do with us." It's about planning and preparing for our staff, so I think it's pretty normal, "she told reporters Sunday.

Neville acknowledged that monitoring the hotel would not give the US an "unfair advantage" in the semifinals.

"The only thing I would say is that it is not something that I would like the manager of my team to do.We are happy about our hotel. Hope they've enjoyed the hotel, "said Neville.

Rapinoe vs. Bronze – A tempting battle

The celebration of Rapinoe's goals against France has been the subject of sustained attention on social media.
Megan Rapinoe made the headlines this week.
First a video of the American co-captain declaring that she would not go to the White House if the United States won the title, would become viral. US President Donald Trump then reacted to stir up the flames before Rapinoe won the match on Friday by scoring the two goals of the 2-1 victory over France. The Rapinoe splint means that the 33-year-old has been directly involved in 14 goals in her last 16 appearances at the Women's World Cup.
"Fantastic", was how Ellis described the performance of his striker in this heavyweight battle. Hollywood star Zac Efron tweeted that he was going to dye his hair purple in tribute to the winger. Indeed, after his exploit and his celebration at arm's length against France, social media were flooded with people expressing their admiration for Rapinoe.
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The back of England, Lucy Bronze, produced an astonishing performance, setting a sublime goal against Norway, it went largely unnoticed everywhere else than in England.

On Tuesday, in the semifinal, Bronze, who plays for the European Champion of Lyon, will probably be responsible for scoring Rapinoe. However, Neville suggested at his press conference Sunday that he could pick Rachel Daly, who played just when England tied with the United States at the SheBelieves Cup earlier this year.
Does the boss of England play games of mind? Perhaps. After all, he played under Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, the master of mental manipulation.

"I think Lucy is the best player in the world, she's unique in almost everything she does," Neville said of her defenseman. "If you look to the left of the United States and to the right of England, I do not think you will get a better left and right in women's football."

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English origin, American-made

Ellis left England to travel to the United States in the 1980s.

The accent of Ellis, a curious mixture of trailed English and a cut English, suggests that the 52-year-old woman has not spent her formative years in the United States . This is the result of a childhood spent in Portsmouth, on the south coast of England, and nearly 40 years spent in the United States.

She emigrated in 1981 with her family to the Washington, DC area. His father, John, is a former Royal Navy who worked for the English Football Association. After moving to the United States, he created a football academy and was an assistant coach of the USWNT at the turn of the century.

If his family had not moved, Ellis admitted that his career path would have been very different.

"I really think that if I had stayed in England, I'm not sure I would be a coach," she told reporters. "At the time, it was not even a career.It was a rare career in the United States, but it was not a career (in England), it was not a career. ;is on."

Ellis has already faced England five times since 2014, but never in a major tournament. When asked on Friday how she felt about her home country, she confessed, "I have US citizenship, my brother."

After overseeing 125 matches, no one has coached more games for the USWNT than Ellis, and only Tony DiCicco has had more national wins with 105 wins. Ellis is unbeaten in 12 games of the Women's World Cup. aiming to become the first to win the World Cup twice. The coach that was made in the United States is two games in history.

The big Man Utd wants to prove that people are wrong

Complete and organized, the head coach of England is the kind of person who is preparing for all eventualities. Since Neville was named in January 2018, the 42-year-old has charted the path from England to the glory of the World Cup.

"I watched as they prepared for the matches … I studied his press conferences (that of Jil Ellis) and his way of dealing with the press, and I studied each one." of their players, "said CNN's Neville Amanda Davies this week.

"You have to make sure you know their strengths and weaknesses and get there as quickly as possible and it took a while."

Having no experience in women's football or management, and despite not having applied for the position before, Neville has become the most prominent female manager in England.

But it was a chaotic start for a man who, according to the rumor, ran after a candidate that a well-known broadcaster suggested so lightly to the bosses of the FA at a Christmas party. Less than 24 hours after getting the job in January, the father of two was forced to apologize publicly for Twitter's comments in 2012 that sparked a quarrel over sexism. He resisted the storm.

When addressing CNN in December, the Englishman said that one of his motives was to "prove the opposite to people who doubted me". He silenced opponents by guiding England to the semi-finals without much trouble.

For a man whose career has brought home 59 caps in England and 10 major trophies with Manchester United, Neville's standards are unsurprising. He said that not reaching the final would be considered a failure. "Nobody cares about the loser, we're going to go," Neville said.

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Battle for the boot of gold

Morgan (left) and Rapinoe both scored five times in France.

It's a four-way match in the goals table and three of the top scorers of the World Cup will play on Tuesday.

Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and Ellen White all scored five goals in four games of this tournament. All of Morgan's goals were scored in the 13-0 loss to Thailand, while Rapinoe scored two goals in two consecutive games to complete his goal against Thailand.

The English striker White has always been ruthless.

"Ellen White is obviously confident in the next game," Morgan told reporters Sunday. "She has reached this starting point and it is huge – we must look at her because of the goals she has scored."

Can the United States be beaten?

England has never progressed beyond the semi-finals, its best result being the third after defeating Germany in third place four years ago.

The United States have won the World Cup three times and have lost only once against England. In their only World Cup match in 2007, the United States defeated 3-0. But England 's performances in SheBelieves Cup earlier this year, where England drew 2-2 with the United States, will give hope to Neville.

England players celebrate the semifinals.

But the record of the United States at the World Cup is daunting. The United States reached the final four times in seven tournaments and beating France, the team tied the record of 10 consecutive World Cup wins. Indeed, the United States has lost only once in 43 matches, a defeat in a friendly match against France in January.

Former World Cup winner, Abby Wambach, has described this American team as the largest in the history of the country. After the United States defeated Chile 3-0 in the group stage – when coach Ellis had modified his lineup seven times – defender Ali Krieger said the Americans had "the best team in the world." world and the second best team in the world ". "

But there is a flaw in American armor – as Spain and France have found by violating its defense – and a predator such as White will jump on all the mistakes.

Spain has benefited from the courtesy of the US defense against its own goal, while France has halved the deficit of a free kick. England will have taken note and American defenders and guardians Alyssa Naeher will undoubtedly be under pressure.

England has the feeling that England must score the first goal on Tuesday, because, as France has discovered, trying to catch up with the United States once they have taken the lead is a daunting task. Around the hour of play against Les Bleues, the United States fell back on a five-man defense and the midfielder was reduced to help. It was a conservative but effective approach.

Former US goalkeeper Hope Solo has suggested to England to change her pleasant style and to be more direct if she wants to beat the United States. Neville has ruled it out. "The style is not negotiable regardless of the distance traveled," he said.

The games of the mind have started, the statistics are being reviewed. All the ingredients come together for an epic of the world cup.

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