Dwight Gooden's son says dad's issues are 'disappointing'

Dwight Gooden's son says dad's issues are 'disappointing'

Dwight Gooden is a “disappointing,” he said told The Post.

“Doc” Goodbye busine last month in New Jersey.

The June 7 arrest is the latest in the plague of the pitching great for decades.

It 's the unfortunate situation, ”said Dwight Gooden Jr.

Piscataway, after his father.

“I’m not him. I don't live that life, never did. I got my own children, ”he said. “I dont know what to say.”

Gooden Jr. part to answer any other questions.

The elder Gooden, 54, was the author of the 1980s.

The National League Cy Young Award in 1986.

Gooden 's downward spiral started a year later He checked into rehab that April. In his play.

“The Mets aren sure what they have in Gooden anymore,” he wrote Sports Illustrated in a 1993 profile "From Phenom to Phantom."

He was early in his career. ” T

Drug surfaced again in 1995, when Gooden was suspended for the entire season after testing positive for cocaine. He retired in 2001.

Gooden famously missed the Amazin 's 1986 Ticket tape parade, but by 2017.

He joined in with the teammates Darryl Strawberry, Jesse Orosco and Bobby Ojeda.

At the time, Gooden he he was clean and sober.

“Today I can close that wound. And love and joy. T

Gooden is due in court on July 23.

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