News Dodgers gang beat another lead in 7-6 loss for...

Dodgers gang beat another lead in 7-6 loss for the Phillies


A suitable tour of the Dodgers' seven games came from the All-Star break well completed Thursday at Park Bank. The trainee began extraordinarily early at 12:30 p.m. local time. It was the first ever game broadcast on YouTube. There was thunder and lightning and more rain.

And when it came to an end, the Dodgers had a sharp sour taste, breaking out again in 7-6 losses for the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Dodgers (64-35) took charge of two on the back of Enrique Hernández and Matt Beaty, who went together to go seven.
with three domestic race, five RBI
and five races, before Caleb Ferguson, Dylan Floro and Joe Kelly run in partnership to surrender four. As a result the left clubs split and tour 4-3 tours at the Dodgers.

The first test came on Sunday, when the Dodgers arrived
bullpen drop reversal to the Boston Red Sox to strike in 12 invasions to win league victory. The game price was lasting five hours and 40 minutes, which left Dodgers checked into their hotel in Philadelphia at 4:30 pm on Monday.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts confirmed that his players would not exhaustion and were not practicing on the 16-2 Phillies. On Tuesday, they got back from a five-run deficit to take 8-6 lead in the ninth inning before they went closer to Kenley Jansen.
do not admit it and acknowledge that he should remove himself from the game after taking a retractable from his right ankle. The game ended on Wednesday night at 1:42 pm on Thursday, after a delay of two hours and 37 minutes, and a win at Dodgers.

“For those who were part of the All-Star events, I mean, the coaches and the players, this makes a much longer journey,” said Roberts, who managed the All-Star National League team and with whom he had a full training in Cleveland. “So this is as crazy as for me, personally. I think I can talk about the coaches too. And the players who took part in the game All-Star. ”

The weather forecast for a club that wanted to go to another country was not predicted
fly home. The series had three hours already
the rainfall in the series when the rain started wearing the diamonds on Thursday. Soon, thunder dipping. At 1:41 p.m., as the bottom of the third building began, the lightning struck close by. Jean Segura, batting for the Phillies, flinched. The gasped crowd. On the mound, Ross Stripling was very disturbed by the conditions. The game continued.

The rain finally disappeared just before 2 p.m. Fans who fled on a roof walked back to occupy their seats. They looked at Beaty, remembering them from the minors on Monday, and Hernández, his sound .225 going into Thursday, continues their unexpected destruction of the Phillies.

The partnership provided the first four Dodgers ’races with three homers. They admitted the charge that the back home runs to the back in the fourth inning. This season was the ninth time the Dodgers think home in successive bats. Hernández repeated himself in the fourth round after Beaty named him, putting a two-line shot straight over the left-hand wall for his 16th house this season.

Aaron Nola took up his post after the fifth minister, but the duo did not stop. Beaty and Hernández stayed in the park but they met
again in the sixth invention against Fernando Salas on the right. Beaty doubled the gap on the right center for his third victory before Hernández made one stain up to the middle of the third of his four goals. Beaty scored and the Dodgers were in charge of 5-3.

The margin disappeared in the seventh spot. Ferguson, called up from three-A
On Thursday, the escape prompted the first batch before him to hit and walk the next. Floro replaced him with a batter and surrendered one RBI before going out. Kelly took her place as the rain began to break the playing field again.

He allowed by running on a single row in a row. Bryce Harper put a roadway on the right track. Rhys Hoskins met a soft dribble down the first base line. Kelly was disappointed at his head before he got the last two.


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