News Dodgers asks season ticket holders to pay for 2020...

Dodgers asks season ticket holders to pay for 2020 seats in August


For some very tall Dodgers fans, Thursday is not the most enjoyable day of the year. On the field, a bull blew the next game Dodgers. And, with the team, not even 100 games in this season, the Dodgers informed their season ticket holders that prices would rise again next season.

The Dodgers asked the first payment by August 22, and the renewal price was rising even higher
After that. Prices placed on the staff website showed increases of 3% to 17% in most categories, although some fans reported receiving larger invoices.

The Dodgers refused to clarify the range of price hikes to The Times. They refused to comment on a list of questions, including a request to explain why the first due date for payment from the outside season was transferred two years ago
last September and until August this year.

The tickets are expected to be high demand next season, when the All-Star game
played by Dodger Stadium for the first time since 1980. According to the team's website, Full season packages include the right to buy tickets for the All-Star Game and the Derby Home Run.. Half-season packages include the right to buy tickets to the game or Derby, but both are not, and the team did not specify whether the choice would apply to the team or the fans.

As an incentive, the Dodgers offered fans the opportunity to renew a full season package by 22 August to purchase additional tickets for the potential World Series games at Dodger Stadium this fall.

However, they said, that any such tickets would be delivered electronically on the day of the game, and the Dodgers would not reveal the seat before that. The tickets were “intended for personal use and not for resale,” the staff said.

The Dodgers, forward for a seventh consecutive championship in a row and maybe the third consecutive World League, leading the main series in sold tickets. They have been canceled
ticket and broker accounts attempt to better manage the resale market, so that they can keep as much of the ticket market as possible.

Todd Munson said that for the first time he bought two reserve seats in 2014. The cost of both seats was then $ 32 per game. The cost would be $ 30 per seat in 2020, he said.

“That's going to be small,” he said.

Mark Wolf said that his reserve level tickets jumped to $ 37 per game next season, up from $ 26 this season and $ 21 in 2017, when he bought the seats first.

The Dodgers also refused to discuss whether they were concerned that the continuing price increases could put them at risk of losing customers after the next season, when the All-Star game has gone.

Gerardo Fonseca said that in 2012 he bought his seats at reserve level at $ 8 per ticket, the first year of current ownership. He said his price is $ 20 per ticket this season and that $ 22 has risen for the next season. It is not certain whether it will bring up its seats after 2020.

“I might have to keep the prices going up,” he said “I hate to see [what they would have been] if the Dodgers had won the World Series for the last couple of years . ”


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