Sport Didier Quillot: "Ligue 1 needs stars" - Ligue 1

Didier Quillot: "Ligue 1 needs stars" – Ligue 1


Present in the United States as part of the EA Ligue 1 Games, the general manager of the Professional Football League has reaffirmed his ambitions for the development of the French championship on the international scene.

In recent years, Ligue 1 has entered a new era, that of developing its image internationally. The Champions Trophy, played abroad since 2009, is one of the symbols of this desire to promote Ligue 1 worldwide. The creation of the EA Ligue 1 Games, which is inspired in part by the Premier League Asia Trophy, continues on this international development momentum.

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The development of Ligue 1 abroad, priority number 1

For this first edition, Olympique de Marseille, AS Saint-Etienne, Girondins de Bordeaux and Montpellier have been selected to play this friendly tournament in the United States, one of the two main targets for the audience market, with China, which will host the Champions Trophy for the second year in a row. Apart from the sporting aspect, the creation of this friendly tournament allows the Professional Football League to develop its network and strengthen its links with partners across the Atlantic. It is also an opportunity for clubs to create partnerships with local groups.

Present in Washington, theater meetings between the four formations of the championship of France, the director general of the LFP Didier Quillot wishes to see a development of the international image of Ligue 1. But especially, according to the boss of the LFP interviewed by RMC Sport, "League 1 needs stars". While recalling that "it is not up to the League to define or comment on the sports policy of each club".

The desire to see Neymar stay in France


Didier QuillotStephen Caillet / Panoramic

Always at the microphone RMC SportDidier Quillot also spoke indirectly about the case of Neymar, which makes a lot of noise every day, because of the many rumors and behavior of the Brazilian: "We, what we want, are great players, that the big players who are abroad come or come back. We obviously want the best ones to stay. But it is not for us to interfere in the sports policy of clubs. Words that directly concern PSG and are much more thoughtful than those of Javier Tebas, President of La Liga. In 2017, after the purchase of Neymar by the Parisian club, Tebas had tried to block the start of the Brazilian by all possible means, without success.

It seems clear that the president of the LFP does not want to see Neymar out of the championship of France, while the striker PSG would have said his desire to start several times. But on North American tour, Didier Quillot's top priority is to develop Ligue 1. With or without the Brazilian.


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