Deputies request the inscription of the Tour de France in UNESCO heritage

Deputies request the inscription of the Tour de France in UNESCO heritage

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In a tribune published by the Journal du dimanche, more than 50 French deputies are asking for the inscription of the Tour de France cycling world heritage of Unesco. The 106th edition of the Great Loop was launched from Brussels on July 6th.

"The Tour de France, more than a national emblem, is a global myth," say, in a forum published Sunday, July 14 by the JDD, about fifty French deputies. The latter request the inscription of the cycling Tour de France to the intangible cultural heritage world of Unesco.

"Just like what we did for the 'Gastronomic meal of the French', we must protect it and carry it as a banner of our culture, our heritage, our living together, in short, what we are ", add the 53 signatories of all edges under the aegis of Philippe Folliot, LREM deputy of the Tarn.

"Only show of this nature in the world"

The Tour de France is also, according to them, "the only spectacle of this nature in the world both popular and free".

For its 106th edition, the Tour de France started this year from Brussels on the 6th last July.

"Whether they are sports, geography, architecture, history … all, in front of our television, always enjoy watching these pictures presenting more particularly our country from North to South and from East to West ", write the deputies.

"On the roadsides, the popular jubilant crowds crowds come in. Each with his jersey, his tunic and accessories expresses his joy and happiness to participate in this moment of brotherhood and sport.

On July 5, the French Southern Terrestrial Lands (TAAF), located south of the Indian Ocean with more than 2 000 kilometers from any continent, became the 45th French site classified by Unesco.

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