Dani Alves responds to the accusations of Leo Messi

Dani Alves responds to the accusations of Leo Messi

The Brazil's selection did not fail at home and won the America Cup after defeating Peru (3-1) After the meeting, naturally the words of Leo Messi, in which he accused the competition of being corrupt and regretted that Argentina was punished by the referees during their participation.

"We do not have to be part of this corruption, of the lack of respect we suffered during this Copa America, we were for more and they did not let us be in the final, corruption, referees and all that did not allow people to enjoy the football. The Cup is armed for Brazil ", commented the star of FC Barcelona.

One of those who answered after the final was his friend and former teammate Dani Alves, who does not agree with the words of the Barça player. "It's a special day for us and we're going to focus on enjoying, I can only say that I do not agree with him," explained the right-back and captain of Brazil.

Dani Alves placed special emphasis on the effort made by Brazil and he again disagreed with Messi. "We have worked a lot to achieve this conquest, I can understand that he is upset, but I do not share with him that this is bought, the sweat we have left to conquer this has been very great," he answered.

Dani Alves, MVP and without team

Dani Alves was chosen as MVP of the Copa América and, at 36 years old, his performance does not decrease. The side has made a great tournament with his team, demonstrating his talent, his quality and his perseverance. Recently, his contractual relationship with the Paris Saint-Germain and now he is free.

The former Barça player can reach zero cost to any team that decides to have their services and, in fact, their hypothetical return to FC Barcelona It has fueled the rumors during the last weeks. We will have to see where a player ends up playing, after a successful career, he continues to make history.

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